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I Am a Pisces

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[b]Pisces[/b] can be the most introverted sign, they don't talk unless you ask. Yet if they trusted you enough, they turn into extreme extroverts yet so sweet and kindhearted, it's in their nature. They carry emotions and feelings in their blood, and when they fall in love, they [b][i]FALL IN LOVE[/i][/b].
22-25, M
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Jun 10, 2016
Serenitree · F
I am Pisces. Never been introverted. I babble at any nearby ear. Even strangers get a dose of my nonsense. The rest seems to fit me. I wonder if male Pisces and female Pisces, have different readings. I have also noticed that most of the Pisces people I've known are very artistic, although the arts are not all the same. Music, painting, jewelry making, writing, all those artsy things
LastingSunshine · 18-21, F
I'm not a Pisces, that describes me though
Valencia · 22-25, M
It is actually different between males and females in pisces (not-so-major-ish difference however). Some Pisces tend to be bottling everything up because of how affectionate and romantic they are. They tend to live a lot inside their head and make up a lot of fantasies in their head, so they tend to live in solitude more than others. They don't share those fantasies with anyone because of the fear of being judged considered weak and fragile when in truth, they are not.
Serenitree · F
[@2778,Valencia] YES. This is me
Dionysus · 36-40, F
we go ALL in for love!
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I Am a Pisces
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