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I Am a Pisces

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I don’t really like this land language. I am happy in the water. People say I swim like a fish.
16-17, F
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Oct 18, 2019
SW User
I'm a Pisces too xxx
BlodynHafJones · 16-17, F
It’s no wonder we have enjoyed each other’s company! [@997084,PrincessK]
SatyrService · 100+, M
oh LAND! stay away from most of those on it!
BlodynHafJones · 16-17, F
I think you are right! [@10989,SatyrService]
rckt148 · 61-69, M
I am also
I am also a sailor
On vessels we have a different language ,we need fewer words
but I can hold a conversation with anyone
I have worked and served with men and women from all over the world
I can work on a ship or a locomotive ,to me an engine is an engine
But though I can swim like a fish ,the sea is unforgiving
Underestimate her ,she will kill ya
BlodynHafJones · 16-17, F
I know. But to me the sea is where I live. I know it’s currents. I would rather not be too close to land. [@9499,rckt148]
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@1013856,BlodynHafJones] I grew up on it ,,I come from Vikings ,and my family most are commercial fishermen ,
My Great Grandpa and my Grandpa were sailors ,so I had to follow their foot steps ,so I love the sea
But I was on it longer then you have been alive
I can tell you where to start looking for someone
and normally they at least find wreckage or a boat close to where I said
I have lots of experience ,,but you can only look at twinkling water for so many years until you desire something more ,,
Killajoke · 22-25, M
I'm a pisces as well 🤗
SW User
I swim like a fish too. I love the ocean. Not a Pisces though :)
BlodynHafJones · 16-17, F
Hi. We stick together. The others are land animals. [@1018655,NieveBlanca]
SW User
Haha I have a lot of water in my natal chart. Im not of the land .[@1013856,BlodynHafJones]
Abbenthewolf · 16-17, M
Not for long. The oceans r being polluted by mankind. Soon ther will b no life in it or on land
BlodynHafJones · 16-17, F
You are right. I hate how polluted my home has become. I used to swim amongst brightly coloured corals. But they are grey. [@1088,Abbenthewolf]
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@1088,Abbenthewolf] that is such BS ,and now we have lots of crews and volunteers cleaning up all the pollution ,most of it is drawn by the currents to a few specific places ,now people have seen their mistake and are working on it
Most countries enforce fishery laws ,,some still don't but its being worked on
But have you ever been on the ocean and seen how vast it is
How crystal clear the waters are in most area's
Man made reefs and repairing the natural ones
Plastic is the number 1 concern and now its being addressed
but it they keep allowing the rain forest to burn and so many wild fires
we may not have any air to breath
Abbenthewolf · 16-17, M
[@9499,rckt148] it's much too late for that. And with no air to breath which is already hazardous to breath anyway. Thanks to Mankind's doing. And R vast areas of the world's ocean (its only one ocean to b truthful)devoid of life nothing living ther at all. Soon ther will b nothing living on this planet all bcuz of mankind's Greed and over population. Its not the other life forms of the world that's the cause of it. It MAN'S doing. Ther is no disputing That. No excuse for its management of this planet 🌏. Why do think the government leaders of the world r trying to get off of it.? Thinking that they (the human race will go somewhere else in the cosmos to live? knowing full well they have caused irreversible damage to the Earth 🌍. Now they wanna go else wher and do the same thing to another planet. Mankind should have never been here in the frist place. Have a great day Sir. Ther won't b many such days left. 🙂

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I Am a Pisces
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I don’t really like this land language. I am happy... | I Am a Pisces | Similar Worlds