I Want To Write My Random Thoughts And Feelings
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Musings on the tripartite nature of the televisual network of types, or THE PYRAMID OF THE SMALL SCREEN


4am - some Heimat on the good tv. I wish i could talk at length about this. It's a German work from the 80's which goes from 1919 to i forget, and then the 2nd part covers the turbulent 60's in Munich, and the 3rd after the Berlin Wall went down. It's homey entertainment, not flashy like we're used to. It's generally based on the types of movies designed to help people forget their problems and the world during times of crisis, but it is also artistic film, a unique blend, in the golden age of television i do not see the two blending at all, so different. In my zeal for Lynch's 2017 work i lauded it as of that category, but i recant that statement.

For the work that was originally shown on the small screen i see there being 3 broad types

1. The art house - these are the top in quality, which contains Heimat, and works by Fassbinder, Rivette and Bergman amongst others i have yet to see

2. The great shows from Alfred Hitchcock Presents through to the modern golden age

3. The rest, sitcoms, specials and good ole fun time wasters, comfort food tv

In 1, you are tasting the fine, it is such a special experience, like being invited to Buckingham Palace to dine with the Royal family. In 2 you are enjoying a premium product that is worth the investment. And in 3 you just kick back and not have to pay attention to it all the time and still get something out of it. That is how i see it, the first 2 DEMAND total concentration, and have bounteous riches in store for the recipient, and immediate rewards with minimal effort for the 3rd type.

Writing this gives me an illusion of structure and order, only part of an overall effort, which also includes habitual actions and mannerisms deployed slowly under a narcotic swishing and swaying motion, and also in that the spending of time comes in units with their own temperature and miniscule environment, and how the inward self who oversees the whole is to continually manage things so it goes more smoothly, and like here to verbalize it ex nihilo, or out of the chaos of the sensorium pandemonium to the exactitudium compendium.

6am - A portal is the name, inside is a whole other world. To convey what that world is, an endeavor, sweet and impossible.

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I Want To Write My Random Thoughts And Feelings
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