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I Want To Write My Random Thoughts And Feelings

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Chirpy's opinion about Opinions
For everything conceivable, one will think a certain way about it, that's a given. You can witness a person's wealth or depravity of character by observing one, that is also a given. For me however i sometimes have no opinion at the time about any number of things. Does that mean i still have an opinion? Certainly, one does not need to explicitly state their opinions, and dare i say that what one says explicitly could be dubious, as an effort to cause others to think of them in a certain way. But i reiterate again, that my no opinion times are really times of shadows and smoke, of mystery and intrigue, i know not myself well enough, there is much to consider still, and i like the idea of slowly encroaching upon what i think about anything as finding a treasure in a subjective sense, as the Tardis, it's bigger on the inside.
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You nerd.

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I Want To Write My Random Thoughts And Feelings
Just write whatever Comes into your mind :D
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