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I Dreamed

The Dream said, "Stop the Horror"

It started out that I was at the hair dresser. The hair dresser said to me, "Oh, you have lovely hair. I think I can do JUST what you want. I'll put in a platinum rinse, and a couple of streaks of dark red!" "NO RED!!!" I stated, emphatically.

"We'll see", said the hairdresser. "NO RED!!" I said again, and kept repeating. "NO RED! NO RED!! NO RED!!"

The hairdresser went into a back room, and I realized I was sitting at a table with a man. He was showing me a calendar, and he said, "Have you seen this? It says, "STOP THE HORROR", and he handed me the calendar but I couldn't read it. The light at the table was too bright, and it was blinding me. I tried to turn it off but the switch was broken.

I could not read what the man wanted me to see. The hairdresser came out of the back room, and I said, "Can you read this for me? This man wants me to read it, and the light is blinding me, and I can't see."

She read for me, "STOP THE HORROR: Teachers take over for parents to teach new morality."

(In the dream it wasn't that clear.)

And then I said to her, "And who is this man?"

Then the man began to speak, and he told me that he used to work for the UAC, working with computer software. He said that parents should be teaching morality, not teachers.

Then I woke up.

I have no idea how to stop the horror.

I had to look up UAC. It's a software thing for Microsoft that limits the powers of users like you and me to control or become administrators of our own computers. We can add apps, and it limits the powers of those apps to become administrators of users computers.

There are some very concerning symbols in the dream. The first thing was the red streaks in my red, I kept saying...really emphatically...which could mean no communism, and could also mean no bloodshed.

"Stop the horror", is pretty clear, but I have no idea what to do to stop it.
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