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I Believe In Internet Relationships

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I know someone that makes me feel incredibly happy when she talks to me, but I’m worried that I put too much emotional pressure on her. I’m an idiot.
51-55, M
4 replies
Aug 3, 2019
My friend is looking for a female, hes a 19 year old male. If your intrested hit me up for more info.
18-21, M
6 replies
Jul 20, 2018
Oh YES! And it happens like this : • A special person notices some of your posts/comments; • They're drawn to your dirty mind and/or revealing avi; • They perv your profile; • They add you; • They PM you; • You perv their profile; • You...
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26-30, F
37 replies
Jun 6, 2018
Honestly I feel I have met more genuine people online than in reality. I've made some amazing connections and true friends. Younger and older. People from all over the world. One of the best friend's I've ever had was someone I met onl...
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4 replies
Dec 27, 2017
I met John from Boston on the experience project in July 2015 . We messaged everyday morning noon and night until January 2016, when we lost contact . I truly fell in love with him even though we never met. a year has passed and I still think of him ...
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51-55, F
7 replies
Feb 15, 2017
Lol not romantic though those never work somebody always ends up ticked off for no reason. But platonically they work out a lot if you put some effort into it. People treat it like something you can neglect and Coke back to when you need it, but you ...
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18-21, F
1 reply
Jan 24, 2016
Due to money problems I Probly won't have access to this soon. I'm not sure when it'll shut down though. I'll keep on for as long as I can. Then if I'm not around anymore that'll be why. Ironic that before I had to lea...
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36-40, F
4 replies
Jul 22, 2015
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I Believe In Internet Relationships
If you have had or are in an internet relationship, whether good or bad, this is the place to share.
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