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I Love Guns

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Dura coat my rifle. What do you think? [image=]
26-30, M
24 replies
Apr 19, 2019
Margarite46-50, F
vetguy199146-50, M
Looks good
JS199226-30, M
Thanks! And thanks for your service [@9520,vetguy1991]
vetguy199146-50, M
[@404217,JS1992] thank you for the support
Looks like a toy, I'm sure it isnt. Get a girlfriend they're much more fun! Dont get married tho. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
JS199226-30, M
Lol I have a toy and a girlfriend I am good[@854658,Asificair]
[@404217,JS1992] Good! At what?
M4? Looks great.
JS199226-30, M
Thanks! [@776187,Kacel]
Dlrannie26-30, F
I think you have no need for a weapon like that if your not serving in the military
BlueMetalChick22-25, F
[@324037,Dlrannie] I have a number of historical examples that are completely safe on account of dulling from age. Some are gorgeous, others are hideous in appearance but their beauty shows in their history.

I also collect American 25垄 quarters.
BearDownChicago36-40, M
maybe we shouldn't have trucks that can plow through crowds too. It's the person, not the method
BlueMetalChick22-25, F
[@362849,BearDownChicago] We do regulate the ownership and usage of trucks specifically because they can cause harm though. The idea that anyone in society should be allowed to operate a truck is what silly people think.
BearDownChicago36-40, M
Very nice. Considering doing mine
JS199226-30, M
Take the time to do the prep work. Overall it was fun[@362849,BearDownChicago]
SW User
JS199226-30, M
Thanks [@831999,Allwaysthink]
TexChik36-40, F

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