I Need to Grocery Shop
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Has your grocery store raised prices a lot?

Ours raised most things 50%. They use the Covid excuse and claim that they're still the cheapest, so it's okay. It's not okay.
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AlexaiSchlomokov · 51-55, F
Are you in a city?
SnowBlack · F
[@449448,AlexaiSchlomokov] Yes, a smaller city.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@1219161,SnowBlack] Oak Park, Illinois.
Lilymoon · 46-50, F
Yeah food prices are getting insane.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@1141547,Lilymoon] Depends on what you like. So many things you my have liked for decades have changed in taste or texture.
pattycakechamp · 26-30, F
Not really? A few prices have gone up, but overall it's stayed about normal.
SnowBlack · F
[@1195228,pattycakechamp] That's lucky for you.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
Protest by going elsewhere
SnowBlack · F
[@2021,MarineBob] That means WalMart and such. I guess so.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@2021,MarineBob] I did this when I has to move from the city to the suburbs.
I just realized I haven’t been in an actual store in over a year, I’m still getting deliveries. But some items [b]are[/b] more expensive now.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] Neither have I, but deliveries when you are home beat the "porch pirates" we all seem to get.
Yes I think everything has increased in price.
FurryFace · 61-69, M
IGA is very Pricey especially for meats same with Metro , so i shop usually at Super C and DollarRama
No but gas prices are noticably higher.

IT's just I blame OPEC because I am not an idiot.
Fluffybull · F
[@1217106,Vampyr] I'm in the UK, food prices don't seem to have gone up much but petrol (gas) is horrendous - in the last six weeks it's gone from £1.23 a litre to £1.29!! 😱😱😱
[@602378,Fluffybull] [c=004A59]I filled up the tank in my larger car last week, and found that the price was up to $3.00/gallon. Earlier this year, it was only $2.50.[/c]
Fluffybull · F
[@1217106,Vampyr] 😥👎
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
I just ordered a delivery. I got the wrong cheese, no milk, two T.P. when I asked for one, and the wrong pasta sauce. This store delivers, but the time before last, the driver dropped the order on the front porch and took off. I had to struggle to the fourth floor alone. No help.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@1155,FurryFace] [@1155,FurryFace] We got two on each floor. But one is way down the hallway and around the corner, and the other is dark and sticks often. Plus, this is a golden oldie elevator with two sliding doors.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
[@1217106,Vampyr] My store deals through Instacart. I've talked to them before. I have a 10.00 credit on my next order and I got a $44.27 refund on what I paid last.
MaryJanine · 61-69, F
I moved to Oak Park in February 2020. I chose Jewel-Osco for delivery. The girl couldn't find me. She was hunting for me in Villa Park and arrived four hours later than she was due. I chose a second person from their delivery much earlier. This one was worse - he said he wasn't allowed to come into the building. He dropped my order in the lobby and took off. Thank God a person from the back room helped me upstairs. I switched to Pete's/Instacart at that point. At least they give you a two-hour window for delivery and make it on time.
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
It's not just stores, even Amazon.
I've seen 3 dollar items with $30 price tags.
MarineBob · 56-60, M
[@8345,LucyFuhr] had to argue with a customer this afternoon about my price hike. Same time I looked up her prices and they rose also
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
[@2021,MarineBob] Everybody's doing it and it's understandable to some degree.

$30 for a can of condensed milk is really pushing it though LOL
Well society only has a couple of decades before it collapses. Rising prices is just one of the warning signs. Along with deterioration in healthcare, education and democracies around the world.
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] agree
PTCdresser57 · 61-69, M
I shop every week for my household and elderly inlaws. I shop the ads and go to 3 stores usually to get good prices. Overall prices have not gone up much where I live. My weekly grocery bill is about $225 for the 2 housholds and has been since covid 19 started.
SweetMae · 61-69, F
The price is going up on many items.
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
Everything is going to keep increasing☹️
FurryFace · 61-69, M
[@349935,Virgo79] yep taxes too
Virgo79 · 56-60, M
[@1155,FurryFace] more so with taxes, and gasoline
[c=004A59]Prices have been steadily going up since the lockdown last year.[/c]
DropTopDig · M
No but gas prices have gone through the roof. I walk most everywhere bc of that. No point in having a car anymore
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
It’s disgusting and there’s no reason for it.

It’s not as if supplies are short or crops have failed.

They say inflation is likely the cause but even that makes little sense.
SnowBlack · F
[@448576,Picklebobble2] I feel bad for a neighbor. She began receiving her government pension payments last year, and now she can barely afford food.
I haven't noticed. Gas is up.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
I never look
ImRileyTheDog · 18-21, F
Not sure, I don’t buy the groceries
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
eggs are higher than they typically are in the late spring/summer, beef has gone up, chicken has gone up, and some other things have gradually crept up in prices. I try to buy produce in season and on sale or specials and stock up when I can.
lovelywarpedlemon · 26-30, F
Everything is steadily creeping up, yes. Nothing is $1 anymore. I'm sure in a few years it will be more than 50% markup with inflation. It's scary but I'm not sure if it's 50%. That's a LOT! How can anyone afford it??

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