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I Dislike Hypocrites

If you have a front door on your house, you lock it on a night, don't you? Why do you do that? To stop undesirables getting in and murdering or raping you in your sleep? Would that be fair enough?

Countries borders are the same as your front door. So why on earth would you want to let all and sundry into your country? Unlimited, low-skilled immigration is like letting all your town's homeless into your house and let them use all your coffee and clear all the food out of the cupboards and fridge!! Who foots the cost? Oh aye, not them is it?

That's what the left and all the do-gooders want for our countries, but it's US that pays for it, not them. And that's why I hate hypocrites with a passion! I'm not anti immigrant at all (my local pizza shop dude is Iranian), but I'm a realist....
Interesting. I dislike people who strawman arguments and then get upset about the fabricated outrage.

The left doesn't want wide open borders. The left wants to make it easier for people looking for a better life to find it.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
[@801038,KatyB] lol you might be my new favorite member here.
KatyB · F
[@711771,Geno1996] 🤣🤣 Mint. Well I don't give a fcuk who I upset. And it's impossible to upset me - I'm too sharp, and will turn it on them.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
[@801038,KatyB] Lol :p .
amyyuk · F
You speak the truth. Unfortunately most people don't discuss these things because they will be labelled a 'racist' which is ridiculous.
KatyB · F
[@714414,amy03uk] Well don't you think it's about time we started having that discussion, and not let the shouts of racist, anti semite, nazi unicorn murderer drown us out?
HifromJim · M
[@801038,KatyB] I believe we should control who we allow in, do what is best for the country.
th3r0n · 36-40, M
Honestly you kinda changed my mind a little, I always felt like all countries should have open borders, but Mexico is super corrupt and lets their problems fester and then they come here.

I like Mexicans in general actually, but their criminals coming here has been an issue as of late and I see validity in your argument because of it.
KatyB · F
[@517919,th3r0n] Well I'm English but it's the same principle as the Mexico/America border question.
Geno1996 · 26-30, M
Well said.
Virgo79 · 56-60, M

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