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Time for urgent care?
Last night felt minor pain in my shin, thought maybe I let it rest against table leg too long. This morning I can barely put any weight on it before it starts hurting a lot. Moving my for also hurts sometimes, but no consistent movement will cause pain, it's rather erratic as to what will hurt.

Time for urgent Care? Or make a doctor's appointment that will likely be a couple weeks out?

Hoping it's just a muscle strain, but the way it hurts more after sleeping has me concerned.
31-35, M
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Jun 12, 2019
Shin splints maybe?
ViciDraco · 31-35, M
[@328405,Mondayschild] maybe, it's along the front side. But I'm largely wheelchair bound as I've only got one leg, except for transfers. Those aren't usually high impact though, a couple hops at most.
Thevy29 · 36-40, M
If it bothers you that much go to the ER. If they deem it necessary they can call the Doctor to come see you.
xixgun · M
I get that after a particularly bad night of restless leg syndrome.
Judging by what you say here, that would be ironic and extremely unfair if that was the cause of your malady.
ViciDraco · 31-35, M
Seems to be just a sprain. X-ray came back fine.

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