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How long do you spend in the shower each morning?

I think I read once you are 'supposed' to spend something like just 3-4 minutes? I know I spend at least double that. In winter I find myself getting dry skin, especially on my back and I think it's probably from the hot water but who wants to get out when the bathroom is freezing cold? 😄

Update - this got 'bumped' and I'm getting new answers now, I have to say I don't feel so bad about my 8 minutes given some of the replies :)
Harriet03 · 36-40, F Best Comment
I don't call it a shower. It's a 20 minute live concert, featuring me!! ✌
annamk · 26-30, F
[@763897,Harriet03] Yes! I am the same lol
Harriet03 · 36-40, F
[@873896,annamk] Duet? 😬

taehyun · 18-21, F
I spend like half an hour to an hour
annamk · 26-30, F
[@4143,taehyun] In the actual shower, not just the bathroom?
taehyun · 18-21, F
[@873896,annamk] actual shower
SW User
[@4143,taehyun] [@873896,annamk] i am the same actually 😅
Peaceful · F
Get a small heater so you can use water that isn't so hot. It removes the natural oils in your skin and dries you out even more.
beautifulsnowstorm · 31-35, M
I lay in the bottom of the shower and let the water warm me up. The sound is so zen like. I love it. I also catch a 5 minute nap in there too.
Lissa · 31-35, F
20 mins
adhane05 · 26-30, M
A long time... I have to run around in circles just to get wet because I am skinny. 😥
I spend about 15-20 minutes. My building is really old, without much heating but there’s a heater built in the bathroom wall. I close the door, turn it on just enough to warm the room, then turn it off before getting into the shower. With a combination of the heated room and the hot shower steam, it’s just right. And I dress before stepping out of the bathroom.
SW User
Minimum 10 mins
SW User
Ikr. I spend and hr on average lol
helenS · 31-35, F
I spend no more than 3-4 minutes in the shower cabin. It takes 2 minutes to soap myself, using soap and a wet washcloth, and two more minutes to get rid of the lather.
I use cold water.
I feel very strong and powerful when I leave the shower.

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