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I Am Sad

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I want so desperately to be wealthy again. I know deep down it won't happen and that's what kills me.
26-30, M
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Mar 27, 2020
Allelse · 31-35, M
What happened to all your cash?
Addictedtoglamour · 26-30, M
[@415694,Allelse] My father cut me off. He didn't like what I had been doing with it and it was his way of trying to help me.
Allelse · 31-35, M
[@738382,Addictedtoglamour] Guess you'll have to find a way to trick him into thinking you've mended your ways.
Addictedtoglamour · 26-30, M
[@415694,Allelse] I've tried,no luck. He's gotten sharp to my tricks.
Luchs · 51-55, M
"Again"? Most of the rest of us won't experience it once.
Addictedtoglamour · 26-30, M
[@1084040,Luchs] The only reason I did was because I was lucky to have been born into a well off family.
AnnaOof · F
DallasCowboysFan · 56-60, M
If you have some spare cash, invest in Cryptocurrencies.
After the economy fails and the Euro crashes, and the debt bombs mature, people will invest in cryptos to move money around and avoid taxes. Ripple, Cardano, Tezos , Doge, BTC Cash, BAT and XLM will rise at greater multiples than other coins. Buy now, hold them for 2,3 years......and you will be doing much better. They are a better risk than buying gold or silver......greater multiples of growth.

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I Am Sad
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I want so desperately to be wealthy again. I know ... | I Am Sad | Similar Worlds