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I Need to Escape

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I Need to Escape
I'm gonna travel next year. After the past 4-5 years being rather turmultuous it's time to leave. Probably gonna go to Japan, will it be a lonely experience as a westerner? possibly and probably but it's much better than rotting away i...
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26-30, M
+ 5 12 replies 12 views Nov 10, 2018 |
I Need to Escape
sometimes all a woman needs is bubbles and for everyone to shut the hell up. 😁
+ 21 49 replies 94 views Jul 2, 2017 |
I Need to Escape
Sometimes my mind drags me to a dark place. A dark place that feels so familiar and so is surrounded with darkness that makes you feel at home, relaxed, protected knowing that in that place no one can see you.. no one can disturb you.. ...
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+ 1 0 replies 12 views Sep 7, 2016 |
I Need to Escape
Old a** group, but if you in the UK and are looking for a group hmu.
18-21, M
+ 0 0 replies 0 views Jan 25, 2016 |
I Need to Escape
Yep... Escaping this world would be great =D and no I don't believe in that heaven hell bullshit
26-30, M
+ 0 3 replies 0 views Sep 12, 2010 |
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I Need to Escape
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