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I Am a Writer

Writing Characters... This is just the general ramblings of an aspiring writer and i by no means consider myself to be amazing at creating and developing characters.

When i am creating and developing characters, i always feel that what i am creating is not a person within the real world and i do not think upon real life people for inspiration, well not to such an extent that i put them in really. People in real life are really not that complex sometimes, in fact they can be disturbingly simple. Not saying that isn't a bad thing, but i personally like to have some complexity to people, it adds to the experince of life itself.  I think what it comes down to is the shields people have up with one another, we all wear curtains and masks with one another and there are many steel doors that block the way, even when you trust soemone impliacity there will always be parts of you that remain within you only and that no one can ever access.

in developing and creating a character within a short story, i try to slowly strip these thigns away and i think many writers do so. While perhaps i am making a generlisation, i feel that this is largely the case most of the time.  i dont always remove these maks of course, there is a reason they are there, what i mean is that you can at least glimpse of what lies beneath or for a few momments there is that shining interaction between two people where there masks are dropped for a few momments.

Creating characters can be quite difficult and there is always the danger i think in making the person far too simple or far too unlikeable or without any flaw at all.

when it comes to flaws, it is better of course to find a balance. Flaws can be anything, as long as they have a meaning and an effect and they need to be an important part of a character, a character can have more than one and that can be useful if he loses a certain flaw that he has, however it is always important for a character to have a flaw i think. some characters obivously dont, however with the main character it is always important that they have a flaw.

personally, i never go for the typical hero, i like to write people who are soccially inadept and are reclusive indviduals, i like to make them doubtful, selfish and above all have the seeds of evil that can easily crack open at any time. the true enemy is always yourself as they say. ]

but anyway this is a huge generlisation and i could go into such detail that it would take forever but i'm tired heh. i just wanted to share my own personal thoughts. It is diffcult to write this and perhaps in writing this i will change my mind, who knows. ussualy when i write, i simply write, there is no great secert to, so it is diffcuilt sometimes when discussing it.
Sounds plausable, ive never really thought about it in that much depth but your desc<x>ription seems pretty generally spot on interesting piece to read thanks Imp :)

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