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I Am a Writer

Not Published Yet... Nope, i'm not published yet, not even written a novel yet, as i am still stuck in school and  that takes up alot of my time, where the most i can do is write a short story or some poetry.

i like to explore the ideas of reality and morality. Such as when the lines begin to blurr, where friends and enemies mix into one, where characters are on a spiritual journey, where its not even sure if the whole thing isn't just apart of their own twisted psychology. i like the idea that you could be walking down the street and suddenly the street isn't there anymore...i like universes that fall apart, yet in a way that reveals something more, something greater and bigger, but something that humanity isn't insignificant too..i also like the ideas of what is truly right and wrong, what defines good and evil, if it even exists and if it even matters, if any of this even matters at all..

i like my characters to be unqualified, normal and totally unheroic in all ways. perhaps even a little bit morally jaded and not much of a good person. spiritually devoid and deep feeling that perhaps there is something more, trapped within the society that they live in as they go through a journey of breaking free from said society and from their own reality, or rather their own reality crumbling down on top of them.

i guess my societies are dystopian and i enjoy writing within the science fiction genre. i like the ideas that society is failing and yet everyone carries on, no one really notices all the grime and chaos around them. i like things to be on the brink of the end or to already be beyond the end..

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