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I Am a Writer

There is a magic in words; the way they capture the mind; the way they keep us intrigued with their elegant simplicity. Though there is often not so much meaning in them taken by definition, how we interpret them is what truly makes them inspirational.
To write as a listener, that is a storyteller; to write as from a perspective of ignorance of all you wish to convey, that is explanation with power; to write for the pleasure of letting words freely express the state of your mind, that is a natural beauty unscathed, a treasure, a savory bite enjoyed for each grasping word.
Perhaps speech is most valued for its rapid convenience, but the written word holds a plethora of interwoven ideas, taking each individual on a unique path through the mindspace we each have shaped. There is dynamic information and freedom in how we choose, and what we choose to write.

Find your words, let yourself free!

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