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I Love Handwritten Letters
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StellasXOF · 36-40
I do :)
Aprism · F
I would love a handwritten letter, it won't happen because the interwebs.
getmeouttahere · 31-35, F
I've been wanting a pen pal for years! Of course, I'd be too scared to give out my address so I'll never do it. But handwritten letters are better than the internet because you're holding something in your hand that you know the other person has touched and it feels more real.
NocturnalTide · 41-45, M
Exactly. It was touched by hands, the words were crafted, and the author took the time to invest in its recipient. E-mails just cannot compare. To click fwd and send along, a machine can do that.
ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
You could always get a post office box so your address is secure:)
MasterDvdC · 61-69, M
I do from time to time. Though I usually print them since I want people to be able to read what I've written.
ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
Funnily enough, I did write a letter recently. I sent a friend cookies for their b-day and included a handwritten letter. I have to admit, it was strange writing, my hand kept cramping because it's not used to writing cursive anymore and my usually beautiful writing looked terrible...little embarrassing honestly. I do miss letter writing and would love to do that again:)
PoetryNEmotion · 56-60, F
A thousand loves on this posting. Where is the romance? Where is the tender thoughts expressed on stationary? Where is the excitement of a letter in the mailbox? Things this wonderful should never be lost! Send my your address and I will you write! :)
akindheart · F
i wrote to my aunt who was dieing of cancer. i told her how much i loved and appreciated her and the lessons she taught me. she must have treasured it because after she passed, her daughter mentioned it. she was like a mom to me
NocturnalTide · 41-45, M
Beautiful story, kindheart. Those rare genuine connections are never forgotten.
ChampagneOnIce · 46-50, F
I agree. I love receiving hand-written letters. I often think I don't have time to write them, but I probably would if I didn't spend so much time online. ;) My mom still sends Hallmark cards quite often. It's lovely to receive something in the mail that someone took the time to write and send.
NocturnalTide · 41-45, M truly is a treat. Online can be tempting, but nothing beats a hand-crafted letter.
AliceSalomon · 41-45, F
You are very right! Technology has taken over - and this in a form that some people almost don´t know more how to write by hand or they´ve forgotten the correct form of writing. (Example: H r u? :-( )
You are right, it´s like a gift to receive a handwritten letter - it´s very personally. But because technology has taken over I´ve lost many years ago my last penpal. :-(
Peaches · F
I can't write as well as I use to, my hands hurt. I use to write long letters to family and friends. I still send cards in the mail with short letters inside now. It's much more personal and I love that. All the blue mail boxes are disappearing, but there's still one by my house that I love to drop a card or two in. 💞📮💌⭐
ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
Yep the same thing with me, my hand literally hurts because it's not used to forming written letters. That is just ridiculous. It makes me almost angry and I have been making an effort to write more. I love technology but it's lost us many things.
Peaches · F
@ravenwind43: I have a little arthritis setting in, plus I had carpel tunnel that led to surgery. I try, but just can't write all the long letters that I loved doing before. I totally agree with what you've said about technology. People don't get together and have cook outs, play cards and things like in "the good old days." 💕

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