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I Like to Take Pictures

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This is one of beach in my country..


Took it one year ago using my phone..
22-25, F
41 replies
Oct 23, 2016
UnderTheBridge · 41-45, M
Beautiful sand. And looks very windy too! And it looks ..... not crowded :D
terarohana · 22-25, F
There lots of beach like that in papua, indonesia,

With a few people,, yeah not too crowded,,
@terarohana: oh really? not crowded?
terarohana · 22-25, F
Yeah.. not too crowded here..
SW User
*looks jealousy at that beautiful beaches * 😋
terarohana · 22-25, F

It is..
i only took it use the mobile phone.. i dont edit nor filter it...
SW User
@terarohana: You're from Indonesia I saw.... lots of beautiful beaches there and lots of nice islands as well 👍
SWPAguy · 46-50, M
Looks like a nice place to be
terarohana · 22-25, F

Warm and windy... :)
SWPAguy · 46-50, M
But calm and quiet too I bet
Beachlover · M
Really stunning
terarohana · 22-25, F
It is...

sandy, . And . Not too crowd..
Diesel95 · 31-35, MVIP
Truly stunning sweet would love to see it for myself one day
terarohana · 22-25, F
come visit to indonesia :D
Diesel95 · 31-35, MVIP
I have thought about travelling and seeing and visiting some of my close friends from EP and that would include a trip to asia maybe I would stop by Indonesia while I'm out there cuz if that is anything to go by it would be truly awe inspiring
terarohana · 22-25, F
Thank you. :)
ron122 · 36-40, M
Wow is beautiful there. It would be nice to walk nude on that beach :)
terarohana · 22-25, F
maybe you can... there are not much tourist come to visit ... :D
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
It looks like Hawaii. So beautiful 😋
terarohana · 22-25, F
@SimplyTracie: i do live in a tropical place..
the weather is always warm the whole year.
and we have no seasons. there are only sunny and rainny days... :D
terarohana · 22-25, F
so you live in hawaii? :D tell me about it... is hawaii has the same weather and season as in here in indonesia,? :D
SimplyTracie · 22-25, F
It's very similar. Even the beaches and rocky coastline looks the same. I've seen YouTube videos of people fishing there and it's almost the same. 🙂
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
Wonderful shots. I love the last one.
ChiffonCake · 26-30, F
Was this in Bali??
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I Like to Take Pictures
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This is one of beach in my country.. Took it ... | I Like to Take Pictures | Similar Worlds