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I Sometimes Feel Like I'm Being Watched

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Is it true?
Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched by someone I know who I can never see or talk to anymore. Example: I think it was last December that I saw a tow truck without a logo come down my street. It didn't have a vehicle on the back, and it turned around at the dead end of my street and drove back to the end of my driveway. It had tinted windows, and it sat there for a few minutes. I was already outside when this happened taking my dog out to go to the bathroom. I can't be for certain who was in that truck, but the person I am thinking of spoke about getting his own tow truck to get away from working under a boss. He was a tow truck driver at the time, and he was working on starting his own tow truck service.

If it was that person, I don't know why he would all of a sudden come searching for me after several years when we had agreed not to speak for protective reasons. We were still close, but if he were to have chosen to stay in my life, there would have been bloodshed. Sometimes I think he is checking up on me, but I don't know. It's just weird that I see things like that happen and can't confirm who it is. He's not even supposed to know where I live, however, the internet is full of surprises. There's a site that somehow knows information about people that they didn't tell addresses. I found myself on there, but I would have to pay to change certain addresses! There are people reporting information to the public, and we have no control of it because this is a house under a mortgage, and that is apparently information they can list. Am I wrong?
Perhaps you should arm your self.
PoisonLace · 36-40, F
[@1143040,Iwillwait] If it was the person I'm thinking of, I am not afraid of them. I'm afraid of what could happen to that person. They are poking at a hornet's nest, and I am afraid that they will make themselves known and all hell will break loose. I haven't seen the truck since then, so maybe it was a one time thing that won't happen again. But if it ever did, I hope they just drive away and not get out to say hi. It's better this way, because otherwise someone could get hurt.
All hell by whom?
PoisonLace · 36-40, F
[@1143040,Iwillwait] Maybe it's nothing. Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions and he kept his promise, cause he doesn't talk to me either. I just keep thinking about that night the truck just sat there right outside my driveway without a vehicle in the back, and did nothing...then it drove away after I went inside. I mean, what even does that mean? I don't think it was a lost tow truck.
PoisonLace · 36-40, F
[@1143040,Iwillwait] It happened several years ago. I just feel like he's still checking up on me sometimes, but I can't confirm it. I could be wrong, but it's a paranoia that doesn't go away. If I let my guard down, he could just decide to appear in my life again out of the blue, and then someone would get very hurt or worse, and I don't want that.
PoisonLace · 36-40, F
[@1143040,Iwillwait] It could all just be in my head, but again, I don't know. The other thing is, what else could it be besides a lost tow truck if it's not who I thought it might be? If it's someone else watching me....I can't think of who that would be. It's scary when it's something unthought of, or someone surprising you didn't see coming. If it's the scary scenario, perhaps I should arm myself...but again, it hasn't happened for a while. That was the only time it happened, and I hope that if it was that person, he is put at ease that I'm alive and well...and he doesn't have to worry about me.

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I Sometimes Feel Like I'm Being Watched
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