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Question: Does the idea of servitude towards your fellow man bring you inner peace?

Is it something that can possibly fill the lonely void you all feel? I mean genuinely going out of your way to help any and everyone you meet? Could this be a way of meeting new people and forming stronger bonds based on self sacrifice?
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LoveTriumphsOverHate · 31-35, M
Yes, it does dispense an intrinsic reward. I'm always glad to help my fellow man.
[@1164612,LoveTriumphsOverHate] how so? Can you give me a few examples?
LoveTriumphsOverHate · 31-35, M
[@1168905,Semenstains] Two reasons: one, I'm empathetic. I want to see people happy and enjoy life. Secondly, if you extend someone an act of kindness, they will likely pass it along, which ultimately increases the well-being of society.
[@1164612,LoveTriumphsOverHate] ok, I can respect that. What about doing things and expecting nothing in return?
theUnDeforestedMind · 56-60, M
Nope. I'd hate it.
[@1165664,theUnDeforestedMind] cool.
Coralmist · 36-40, F
Yes, but after MANY years of putting only others first, I feel burned out the last couple years 🙁 I thought as I grew up, I always come last. Do for others and then I'll be good. I do enjoy helping others a lot because inside it makes me also feel good. But I've started to finally find, in my 30s, Boundaries. I just feel depleted after always giving my time to people, my ear, patience etc...and they don't reciprocate, rarely. I do think that if you have your own needs met first, helping someone is amazing and very fulfilling.

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