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I Am Lonely
Here's the problem: my friends never hang out with anyone including me, they're all guys, and the last 7 or 8 women I've known were in a relationship at the time I was getting to know them. It really is getting frustrating, because it's not like I haven't made any effort to meet people. I feel cursed because no matter who the women is, and no matter where I meet them, they just don't have the time for me.

I don't hate myself for it like I used to because it's nothing more than a cruel hand that life keeps playing me. I feel like if I just walked down the street, and asked the 1st 10 women I saw if they have a boyfriend, they'd all say "yes". All my life it's been effortless for me to meet a guy and be instant-friends... I wish I understood why it's not the same with women.

Note: I won't do dating sites, I tried, but I'm convinced any woman that's interested in me isn't going to be on one, and vice versa I'm more than likely not interested in the women on those sites. I checked, trust me.
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Gusman56-60, MVIP
There are many people in your situation. For now, enjoy your friends. Maybe someone will come along. Try not to beat yourself up. I wish you well.
TryhardDreamer22-25, M
[@546016,Gusman] Thanks buddy, appreciate it 馃憤

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