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Feel free to share on my whiteboard just as we did on experience project.

If you were not on experience project then this is a public opportunity to message whatever you feel to. Thanks.
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Mar 15, 2018
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berangere · 80-89, F
Hasmita · M
[@1848,berangere] Thank you. How are you?
berangere · 80-89, F
[@106695,Hasmita] I am fine,thank you exept for the arthritis that is playing up at the moment.
Hasmita · M
I'm sorry to hear that. Sending you some healing and love from sunny England.[@1848,berangere]
berangere · 80-89, F
[@106695,Hasmita] Thank you my friend,here in Tasmania we are finally getting some rain after weeks of dry weather and I hope it lasts.
Hasmita · M
[@1848,berangere] I hope so. I was joking about the sun. It's 1-13 in the morning but we've just had the coldest winter for ages. I haven't spent a winter in the UK since 2013! Planning to spend some time on a Greek island soon. May need factor 50 on my fair skin lol.
Going back to bed.
Really nice hearing from you again.
berangere · 80-89, F
[@106695,Hasmita] Yes, when you said "sunny England" I knew exactly what you meant LOL!
Hasmita · M
I sent you a desert island when I meant to send the Eiffel tower. Hope that explains my randomness lol [@1848,berangere]
berangere · 80-89, F
[@106695,Hasmita] Thank you for both.Sadly Paris is not Paris any more,but we will not go there.

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