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I Battle Depression

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In my youth, I was a funny Kid but always stood out from everyone. But that diddnt stop me, and I had many Friends. But today I am a different Person. I cant laugh anymore, everyone hates me, I have only two real Friends, and to everybody else I am just weird. No one likes me and always goes away if I am around. I cant find new friends because when I do another one will come and try to break it. I still remember being sick one day and not coming to school. At that point my social life was pretty dark but still acceptable. The next day I went to school, someone told a lie about me to my friends, and they suddenly diddnt liked me anymore and tried to be as far away from me as possible. I still dont now why but I was able to recover some friends but they diddnt wanted to tell me anything. From that day on, without my friends around me I was no longer able to feel fun or laugh at something. Also my grades were falling, I hat much more conflicts with my parents, and to this point I have nearly no social live anymore. I cant even be excited that I have birthday soon or about christmas. And now you can tell me (if you want to): how many chances does somebody named Kevin with authism and no sense of humor have in his social life.馃槬
18-21, M
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Oct 28, 2016
Pigeon1234518-21, M
i will be nice to u bro. pm me let me make u feel better
Be strong young man there are good people that would never let you down on hear .
Keep your chin up buddy all the time.
humblebum18-21, M
I will be your friend if you font mind gay friends

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I Battle Depression
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