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I Battle Depression

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Pain feels like your heart is torn into pieces. Like someone is slowly cutting them with scissors and at the same time, poking them with needles. And each time you try to pick up the pieces and put them back together, the pieces just keep on falling apart. The cuts are just too painful. At times when you can no longer handle it, you just let it fall apart because it just hurts too much. Just damn too much.

This is how depression can cause you.
26-30, F
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Mikey..... you are one of the most cheerful, happiest, best to spend time with, person I've ever met. And I just want you to know that you deserve to feel freaking awesome and I hate seeing you like this. =/
A very accurate description.
This is a great description of what it feels like. I never liked the metaphor of a broken heart, because to me it always felt more like it was being ripped, or shredded and torn by the teeth and claws of a wild animal.

Sorry to hear you're feeling this way
Raldy · 26-30, F
But it does feel that way, right? I should've mentioned it bleeds as well ;p . It's okay, we all experience that thing :)
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

First and foremost, make sure you're eating healthily and getting daily exercise. Include a cheat day in your week where the healthy eating is concerned, so you don't break and just start gobbling everything up. Those are the most important things, and they can help very much when it comes to depression. I know. Way more than been there. Next important thing is social relationships. If you cannot fulfill a need at a point in time, then just do your best to make sure the others are fulfilled.

Depression is something almost enforced in today's society. Everyone has it. And, everyone *does* have it from time to time. It's just about knowing what your brain is telling you is wrong--and if your brain just *thinks* everything's wrong. In most cases, the first is true. But, in order to really know--even if a avaricious psychiatrist starts telling you that you have major depression and starts trying to throw pills at you--you have to try to fulfill as many of your needs as you can. If they're all fulfilled, and you still feel this way, then your brain has a wiring problem.
Raldy · 26-30, F
a complex thing, o: thank you for sharing though :)
well said :( I feel you, i wish i could be right by your side right now

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