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Don’t you think being in college for a decade is pathetic?

One of my cousins it’s like 31 I think and she still in college! I mean she should’ve been done! She says she’s been in college since she was 19 and now she’s like 31 so that’s like 11 almost 12 years of college. I think she’s just wasting her time and frankly she’s not even trying! I think she’s going for her teaching degree. I heard a text only four years of college so why the hell is she still there?! If she’s going to take too long she shouldn’t even be in college and she’s wasting time and money! I don’t wanna sound rude and blunt, but she needs to just stop because she’s wasting her time and then does her no good. Who wants to be a college when their 30? She’s not working hard enough that she should just stop because she’s wasting her own time! I think she’s going for an associate. Whatever it’s called.
Stopmakingsense · 56-60, F
Can't think of many better ways to spend the time
[@1201621,MotherHubbard] OK that’s your opinion but I think she’s wasting her time if she’s not working hard enough being lazy that’s her fault! She said that she’s working hard and she had to take a couple classes again but she says she has four more classes to take. She should’ve been done
Riemann · 31-35, M
Yeah she is taking a long time, but you are actually being rude for calling it pathetic. You don't know what she is going through.
[@1177416,Riemann] well it’s the truth. college students take like at least four years don’t they? It should not be like 10 years!!
Some courses take much longer and you are not helping either
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] I’m helping by being honest and if she’s going to be in college for a long time she needs to stop because she’s wasting everyone’s time and
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
Maybe she's a professor
[@780464,Lostpoet] No. she’s a student. She’s taking way too long and she’s a part-time student I think. Our other cousin is like 21 and she just graduated from college early! With honors so why couldn’t the 31-year-old do that?! Pathetic!

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