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I Am Pondering

Have you ever sat back and helplessly watched yourself make a mess out of everything ? It鈥檚 almost like watching someone else self destruct. You can never outrun your demons, no matter how hard you run or how far you distance yourself 馃槖
That hasn't happened for a while... but yeah... where you just wanna help someone but all you do is make it worse... or you know something is gonna cause a mess, but you know you have to do it, because you're a good honest person, etc... and either it's the nice thing to do, or you'd want to know if it happened to you.
MarkPaul26-30, M
You can always reach out to your voice of reason.
@MarkPaul That usually happens to me long after everything burns to ashes and what鈥檚 left is just remorseful fuckery.
MarkPaul26-30, M
@SW-User For $29.95 a month we can install a burn detector. Add $10 if you want 24 hour monitoring.
@MarkPaul 馃槒
I certainly can. I just killed my demons and buried them out back. Gave them stones too.
I stopped trying to outrun my demons. Now we just jog together three days a week.
TacoCat22-25, M
Ikr it's like "okay I guess I'm doing this now"
Been there many times.
[i][c=#BF0080]Yep.. [/c][/i]

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