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I Am Annoyed

There will be a day soon

When nothing goes wrong at work.

I can feel it... I'm sure
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I'm guessing you work in IT?

It'll always go wrong 馃槍
[@1192985,NoCode5] At my friend's job, his standard line was, it it plugged in?
NoCode541-45, M
[@949508,V00dooCakeNinja] I cannot lie, I have used that one many times myself
[@1192985,NoCode5] I can imagine
Leggs46-50, F
At my job, they often "roll out" some bullshit that is suppose to make things smoother and faster.

Sure as sh^t stinks though, it never lasts and things soon go back to being the same BS as before.

you might argue that it rolls out then rolls away.
Yea..when we resign

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