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I Am Out Of Shape

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The realization hit me today that I have been subconsciously avoiding stairs, and on my way to work I understood why... four flights up to work got a little sweat worked up. Whoops, guess I kind of let myself go 馃槅馃ぃ馃槀馃槄 Damn quarantine
18-21, F
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May 23, 2020
Edited: 1 week ago
Bignose22-25, M
Have you got a bit chunky then?
ExperienceDropOut18-21, F
[@924106,Bignose] yup lol
Bignose22-25, M
[@1073501,ExperienceDropOut] Wheres it gone to?
mercedes81031-35, F
Lol, I let myself go too. But that's a couple of years ago now 馃槀
ExperienceDropOut18-21, F
[@63902,mercedes810] tbqh I'm in a place where quarantine ended in early March and I've gained 25 pounds since then, so I have no excuse at this point. Life is too short to worry about such things haha
mercedes81031-35, F
[@1073501,ExperienceDropOut] I used to have abs, but since I stopped exercising in 2018, I've gained 55 pounds. I think it's more, but I don't wanna think about it lol. I just try not to eat ice cream and mud cake often lmao.
ExperienceDropOut18-21, F
[@63902,mercedes810] same I was an athlete haha, but I've put on about 50 something pounds in the past seven or eight months. I don't hate it... or at least, I like ice cream and cake more lmao XD
Quizzical41-45, M
I'm seriously considering getting a stairlift to avoid climbing them 馃槄
ExperienceDropOut18-21, F
[@380163,Quizzical] The most relatable thing I've heard all day lmao
Quizzical41-45, M
[@1073501,ExperienceDropOut] 馃榿
Take the stairs down then

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I Am Out Of Shape
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The realization hit me today that I have been subc... | I Am Out Of Shape | Similar Worlds