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I Love My Mother But Don't Like Her

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I love her but she really needs to work on a few things. For starters...the 'not too loud' rule, yeah that rule doesn't make any sense indoors especially considering me and her are the only people in the whole house now that dad is dead and everything, and unless you count the staff that she hires while she's out shopping or the occasional relative from another part of the country who comes to visit on rare occasions....then my mother and I are the only people in the house. We live in a small rural neighborhood in New Zealand, it's so quaint and quiet that you can even hear your own thoughts, so I doubt mother has anything to worry about in the noise department.

She comes across as a hypocrite regarding this rule considering that she has been guilty of the following things:

1. Loudly blabbing about everything to friends and even to people who I only know from other places including other family members, to the point that she even brings up my past to others and talks about me to people even if they don't know who I am yet which is really annoying.
2. Having outbursts with dad. Both my dad and mom have had this tendency to go into full on Large Ham mode whenever they're upset, in dad's case it was scary as heck and it got even worse after he had his surgery and after he got ill (and my lord, the snores, grunts and the noises he made when he came down with pneumonia were monstrous), but mom is a freaking banshee when it comes to her cries and screams. Sometimes when she cries I don't even understand what she's saying and when she's really freaking upset, it's like i'm seeing this sweet woman who i've known for all my life suddenly turn into a hideous ghoul right before my eyes.
3. Loud telephone conversations. It's one thing to have conversations on the phone but when i'm in the exact same room as her? Mom, have a little respect please.
4. Her cutesy wutesy talk with the cat. She has done this with numerous other cats we've had, calling your pets cute names and being all 'cutesy' with them isn't uncommon but sometimes it is so annoying when mom does it and I can't imagine how the cat must feel.
5. Yoga that is supposed to be peaceful. It's supposed to be peaceful but I catch that new age music you always see on those compliation cds you can only buy from infomercials at a volume that would be loud enough to cause several natural disasters, and i'm just glad she doesn't have that annoying opera obsession anymore.

Oh and on the topic of which...what about the kids who apart of the family next door to us? Shouldn't she be telling off the parents of those kids and using her 'super librarian' powers on them? Shouldn't she be using those on them instead of me? And what about the 'neighbors' in general? I'm sure they could use with a lesson from the Super Librarian.
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Mar 15, 2019
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
May I suggest couples counseling?
[@8638,MarkPaul] They wouldn't know where to start with mom, she has more than one personality. And it's difficult to tell which one is normal her and which one is the 'Super Librarian' one.
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
[@7104,Monstermaster13] Still, I would like to hear her side of things... with you present, of course.
QueenOfQuirk · 18-21, F
that sounds like my mother, she never plays by the rules she has for us lmao
JonathanC · 61-69, M
In my experience, whenever people say they love someone but don't like him or her, then really they don't love him or her either but can't bring themselves to admit it. I've not encountered a single exception.
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I Love My Mother But Don't Like Her
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