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In the shoes of another.


You are on a cruise ship, you came on late so had no interaction with anyone.
when you wake, you walk down the deck to find the breakfast. You stop a fellow, in uniform, with a name plate that says Hello! can I Help you?

"Excuse me where can I find breakfast ?"
" I'm the ticket man!" he says proudly
"Excellent, can you tell me where I can get breakfast?"
"I'm the ticket man!" his face beams but does look a bit vacant.
" Yes, you said that, where is the restaurant?"

he looks perplexed, maybe irritated
"TICKET MAN TICKET MAN TICKET MAN!" he shakes his head and walks away.

You wander, and find the breakfast area, hit the self serve coffee. Seeing no
counter, you sit at a table and wait. 5 minutes, then 10. then you see all the tables are being cleared away.
"Excuse me?" you ask the busser, "can you get someone to take my order?"
"Hmm? eyes up, oddly vacant. "I clear the tables"
"yes, can you find me some assistance?"
"I clear the tables. That's my job i clear the tables"

I see and flag down a waiter. excuse me?!
"Hi!" waiter stands there.
"Um can i get some breakfast?"
"oh, no sir, that's all over, lunch is at Noon" he points to a clock on the wall. next to it is a picture of a clock, with the hands indicating noon
"when those look the same you can get food" walks off.
this keeps happening, they all LOOK fine, if vacant, but no one is really knowledgeable about anything.
Even when i take a walk to the bridge of the ship.
"I'm driving the boat!" say one fellow, making rubbery motor noises with his lips. the wheel is swinging wildly, but the boat stay on course.

Everyone On this ship, is like this. minimal communication, no information, happy and vacant. truly a ship of fools

still here?

This is what it is like for people of above average intelligence. You are often alone, surrounded by throngs of self satisfied seekers of the next thing, people that say words without understanding what they mean, [i]they Think they do[/i], but it's like a parrot or small child, repeating.
Even those " in charge" are clearly stupid

This is why smart people are often depressed.
you must watch while the ignorant make crushing mistakes, while the overblown leadership act like it knows what it is doing, worse, they BELIEVE they know what they are doing like that guy "driving the boat"/

You get lonely for those able to converse at length, discussion without conflict.

So too smart for you own good? more like Too smart for your own peace of mind.

Jus' Sayin
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Myocite · F
It's very depressing and distressing. I don't have much hope for mankind anymore. Most are motivated by $ and power and are never enlightened.
SatyrService · 100+, M
[@1208288,Determined1] Fear not! there IS an answer but it is neither satisfying nor easy
Myocite · F
[@10989,SatyrService] I know of no answer.
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