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I Want to Get Pregnant

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I Want to Get Pregnant
yeah, I really do! Not now cos I'm not married!! But then absolutely. I find the idea that I will be able to bring life into the world so beautiful
18-21, F
+ 18 16 replies 44 views Jan 31, 2019 |
I Want to Get Pregnant
My bf and I are trying for a baby. I can’t wait until I’m finally pregnant!
22-25, F
+ 13 16 replies 43 views Oct 28, 2018 |
I Want to Get Pregnant
*sigh* 😞😞 Might have to resort to raping my husband. Just kidding. Pervs. 😒
+ 7 3 replies 16 views Aug 1, 2018 |
I Want to Get Pregnant
I love pregnancy! I wish there was a way to have a pregnant belly for life.
18-21, F
+ 7 5 replies 36 views Jan 6, 2018 |
I Want to Get Pregnant
Who would've thought... that one lil click on the "Me Too"-button of this group would trigger people, who are most probably male by biology, to send me inappropriate messages, asking me if I wanted to "breed" (btw, WTF are we...
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+ 1 4 replies 7 views Oct 21, 2014 |
I Want to Get Pregnant
Not now, but it's one of my top priorities in life.
+ 0 8 replies 3 views May 15, 2014 |
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I Want to Get Pregnant
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