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I Love It When Girls Are Stronger Than Boys

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At first, I didn't realize I was stronger than my bf until a while ago. I am pretty slender and he was pretty buff but I had a bit of fighting experience, since I had learned a few pins and some judo techniques, while he didn't have any. We decided to see who could pin each other. The first time, I used several throws to send him to the ground and weaken him and I ended up putting his head in a chokehold where he was forced to tap out. Before I could celebrate, he demanded a rematch so I fought him again. This time, it was more difficult, since I was more tired and he caught on to my technique. We both fell on the ground but I was able to quickly recover and put him in a grapevine pin. It was all over for him at that point and I made him submit to me.

This was just the summary of what happened. If you want to know the longer story, message me.
26-30, F
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Oct 30, 2016
Chrintelle · M
FormerPadresfan · 22-25, M
LifeisReal · M
I admit, I'm skinny and not interested in body building, but if you learn to fight, be careful who you pick fights with. Especially how you treat your opponents after a fight is over.
BlueDiver · 31-35, M
People who've never trained in martial arts always underestimate how much proper technique can add to your strength.
I hope you stripped him totally naked

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I Love It When Girls Are Stronger Than Boys
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At first, I didn't realize I was stronger tha... | I Love It When Girls Are Stronger Than Boys | Similar Worlds