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I Absolutely Love To Run Around Barefoot

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I can just imagine the ginger girl on the left saying “where are your trainers” or “aren’t your feet cold” 😂

18-21, F
119 replies
Feb 11, 2018
SW User
"Did you forget we're playing football?"
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@554696,MechE96] 😂😂 I do believe they are lined up for cross country though
SW User
[@644187,KatieJ] Yeah that makes much more sense. 😁
MegynK · 31-35, F
Barefoot on grass, no problem until someone steps on you with cleats
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@635900,MegynK] Barefoot on grass is amazing 🙂 until your toes get trodden on 😒
kevinwillshow · 16-17, M
[@644187,KatieJ] Don't forget that feeling of stepping in fresh dog doo barefoot, with it going between your toes. And everyone sees you doing "the walk" until you wash it off. [image removed by staff]
ticklerguy · M
That might tickle a bit,lol
BigDawg · 56-60, M
I love going barefoot, it's awesome .. except the snow, nope!
nudewalker · 61-69, M
There is a health benefit to going barefoot outside. Look up "grounding" and see the advantages.
GentleLucille · 18-21, F
They might have cold feet, but they aren't going to spoil their expensive trainers or have to carry muddy shoes around for the rest of the day. I'm definitely with the barefooted girls 🙂
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@384904,GentleLucille] common sense I suppose. But a little unfair on the rest of the class 🙄
GentleLucille · 18-21, F
[@644187,KatieJ] You were pretty unpopular if it happened in the colder weather, but generally speaking I don't think most girls mind doing PE in their bare feet, so long as there are no boys to make fun of them 😌
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@384904,GentleLucille] It think I agree. Probably because outside of school most girls engage in gymnastics, dance or drama. All three are best done with bare feet.
kevinwillshow · 16-17, M
and NAKED too, don't forget to be barefoot and NAKED
JP1119 · 31-35, M
Is one of those girls you?
SarahX · F
Haha you wouldn't do that here today! You'd get frostbite.
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@392900,SarahX] 😀❄️☃️ Too cold ❄️⛄️⛄️
SarahX · F
[@644187,KatieJ] HAHA!!!!
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@392900,SarahX] Glad there’s no school though
TammieBear · 18-21, F
People asked me that when I forgot my trainers for athletics. My answer: (1) I don't know, but most probably on the kitchen table; (2) Yes, they're wet and cold 😟
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@345010,TammieBear] 😂😂 Luckily it was during the summer and only athletics 🙂
TammieBear · 18-21, F
[@644187,KatieJ] I'm like Zola Budd . . she ran track in bare feet 🙂
KatieJ · 18-21, F
[@345010,TammieBear] I’ve heard about her... I think it’s fantastic she ran with nothing on her feet 🙂
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I Absolutely Love To Run Around Barefoot
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