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I Should Delete My Account

I am considering it. I am not mentally well enough to any longer deal with you people.

I used to come on here for fun. But every time I even try and make a fun/lighthearted post, someone needs to complain and bring my good mood down. I know I should not let it effect me, but the thing is, I have not been well for many years now. It does effect me. I am very sensitive.

But I do want to say, some of you really need to get off your fucking soap box.


So many of you on here claim that I am negative, that I am a troll, that I’m so horrible but I don’t think you seem to realize that I am NOT forcing you to respond to my posts or interact with me. Yes, I have made troll posts but I do not make them serious enough to purposely offend anyone. I can be negative but that’s because I want to express my true feelings. You claim that there is something wrong with me mentally but yet you insult me. How does that make you any better than me? When I see a mentally unwell person, the last thing I think I should do is insult them. I never go on anyone else’s posts to insult them, tell them about themselves, to troll, or be negative. I keep all of that on MY own posts. I tease and my humor is more abrasive. You don’t have to like it, I understand that’s not for everyone. But you’re foolish to think that you are any better than me when you’re the ones coming on my posts to “correct” my behavior. Sorry but I only respond well to positive reinforcement. Telling me how you feel in a direct way feels cold to me and it will only cause me to lash out. That’s how I work. If you want to interact that way with me, that’s your choice but don’t act surprised when I respond the exact way a mentally unstable person would.

I do understand that writing all this will have no effect and come off as attention seeking. That’s why I feel I should *probably* delete my account. It is stupid for me to let any of you emotionally effect me.
PerthSurfer · 46-50, M
I have found you to be just fine. I think there are some people on here that take almost anything too seriously so you've been a bit of a magnet for those. The thing i like about your posts and comments is that you express your feelings which is a great thing, yet some people expect everyone to speak in an uplifting sanitised way, but i like to hear from real people. I'd be sorry to see you go, but i can understand it. I've felt that way more than once myself.
I dont see it as attention seeking, instead of deleting your account why dont you just take a break for a while, I did for 9 months. There are people on here with problems galore, some who revel in upsetting people, all because it makes them feel a bit better about themselves. Don;t let strangers who you dont know and probably ave zero reason to respect run you off if you find some enjoyment here
Im reading this again, and commenting again, from a stranger looking in, I just saw you as a no nonsense straight talking person who didn't put up with crap, you always came across as strong, so to hear this place..and strangers made you feel like this comes as a surprise. if this place is more a negative than a positive for you, then by all means take a break. But just because the people who are not total assholes don't comment as much as the ones who live to upset people doesn't make you unwanted or unappreciated.
Livingwell · 61-69, M
I think you might be over thinking what others think.

We have a friendship and I respect you for who you are. Sometimes you post things to get a rise out of people. It’s never directed at any one person but some always take it personally. If I don’t care about it, I don’t reply. Simple as that. I do worry about you because I can tell you are sensitive or angry inside. I know some posts are directed at yourself and you are not the person you pain yourself as. 🤗
Don't dew it. Fuck the haters
Recluse · 41-45, M
You answered your own question with Your last 13 words
I wouldn't.
ElSenordeLosCielos · 22-25, F
I understand it’s stupid but it still does. I can’t help it. [@497677,Recluse]
Recluse · 41-45, M
[@436099,MorbidCynic] I don't think it's stupid. If it bothers you then It bothers you. But it may be helping you in an indirect way.

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