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I Love My Girlfriend
My love, you're sleeping right now. I wish to hell I was lying right beside you, holding you throughout the night. In a way I am because my heart is always with you. You look like an angel lying there, so beautiful and all I can think as I admire you is how blessed I am.

Our bond can't be described. It's much too powerful. We are very deep within each other's hearts and souls. When you meet someone who you literally want to become apart of and you can't possibly live another moment of your life without, I call that love.
Chantou, you're that person for me. I crave you every moment of the day and night. I crave everything about you.
I want to go through everyone of life's moments with you no matter how unpredictable or mundane they are.

My heart yearns for you as much as my body does.
I could go on all night about the things I love about you but I'll wrap it up now by saying babe, I adore you. All your quirks, all your moods, all your smiles, all your jokes, the smile that I get when I hear your laugh, and so many other things I haven't mentioned...there is no better than this. I just wanted to write you a little reminder of how special you are to me!
In 15 days, this feeling I have will only deepen and solidify.

I love you with everything I am and with every fiber of my being!!
You're the love of my life!! You make me a very happy woman!!

Love you always, ME
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What will happen in fifteen days
Phillyphan78 · 41-45, F
[@579570,darkknightt] we are meeting for a vacation together. I'm soooooooo excited!
Oh my love, wow thank you for your word and unconditional love. As you know, as we talked about it this evening, you make me feel ways I've never felt before. I am craving so badly everything that you are. If we could fuse into eachothers body and soul I'm not sure we could be close enough. You awake in me things I didnt even know existed in me. What we share is incredible, its beyond lust, beyond love, beyond admiration, beyond desires. It's so much stronger that's it's hard to explain, but one thing is for sure, it is pretty intense.

There is not a single minute that goes by in a day that you arent with me as you own my heart, you are the protector of my soul, your are the lyrics to my song and the words to my story. You are a blessing and beautiful gift I cherrish. And I'm so proud to be yours and to be your everything as you are mine.

15 days my love before the start of new first, our first kiss, our first touch, our first daughters face to face, our first coffee/mocha together, our first hug, out first holding hands, our first night of passion together, our first look into eachothers eyes, our first meal together. I just cant wait.

I love you so much, I didnt know I had so much love in me. You are the best part of who I am my love, you are the love of my life.❤🌹💞
Phillyphan78 · 41-45, F
[@630459,SimplyChantou] awww babe, you're just soooooooo sweet! Can't wait to finally spend time with the woman who owns my heart and has every key to it. I love you very much!

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I Love My Girlfriend
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