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I Got A Detention
When I was about 10 I was caught during the lunch break in a part of the school playing field that was strictly out of bounds. The lady teacher who caught me sent me to stand in the corridor outside the headmaster's study. I was afraid that she might ask the head to cane me, but she let me off with a public dressing down and an hour's detention.
Thevy2936-40, M
You only got the 1 detention and it was when you were 10 馃槺
Thevy2936-40, M
That sounds dangerous. That is way too much power for any adult to have over a kid. [@379861,Sharon]
[@622125,Thevy29] We know that now but that's how it was then. There was a lot of abuse which is only now coming to light with the offenders being prosecuted. Look up "historic abuse UK". Boys were the main victims because parents tended to be a bit more protective of their daughters.
MartinII61-69, M
[@379861,Sharon] [@622125,Thevy29] I was aware of one caning at school which I considered abusive. The teacher concerned left the school under a cloud at the endof the relevant term. Generally, we just accepted it as a hazard of life and I don鈥檛 think it was administered unreasonably by the standards of the time. But at some schools and with some individual teachers it was much worse, as Sharon rightly says.
I got a few detentions when I was in school. Fortunately, I never had to worry that a teacher or principal would cane me for that. But misbehaving in school could always mean to get a spanking from my dad when he heard about it.
MartinII61-69, M
[@7972,RobinPhoenix] When we got a detention we had to take our punishment book home to be signed by our parents. That was hugely embarrassing, but I never got an additional punishment at home.
I am happy for you, you didn麓t get another punishment at home. My father was usually very strict about misbehavior at school. And detention at school was not a sufficient punishment for him. But having to have a detention in school did not always mean a spanking at home. It depended on the circumstances.
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SW User
You were lucky!
Ups!!! Spanked at home for it

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I Got A Detention
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