I Want to Lose Weight
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pledge 5/7 FAIL

i ate my breakfast on the floor in front of a mirror. i felt too weak to do anything but.

i was told i look like a beanpole, no doubt with the intention to make me eat more. i was presented with my favorite foods. i couldn't resist.

i need to eat in a sustainable way. i need to have enough energy to work. i shouldn't refrain from eating when i am hungry, like i did yesterday. i should not be so starved that i'll overeat.

why is this so difficult for me?

i should remove myself from my current environment. i need to be alone, away from the influence of others. i should have more self-control.

- allowed breakfast
- no eating unless hungry
- no eating after 7 pm
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what is your goal here? I am unsure
[@1216214,yuvana] food needs to be for nourishment, not pleasure for a while.
plan your food, ahead of time, stick to that plan, do not require yourself to have ANY enthusiasm for food, just eat ONLY what you ave plnaeed and at the same times every day.

Better still the is a FOOLPROOF way to lose some weight.

you must BURN, more calories than you eat. do that by INCREASING any and all physical activities. N[i]OT by restricting calories, that will only tell your body to stay low energy and KEEP evry calorie it can.
I like Bicycles! but swimming might be the best

[b]Lots of Physical effort [/b]
[@378529,plaguewatcher] meal planning sounds ideal. that way i'll always have some energy to spend.

i like cycling too, it's a low-impact activity and you get enjoy the scenery
[@1216214,yuvana] Go get it! you CAN SO DO THIS!
food planiing will keep you fueled, for energy expenditure
I am rooting for ya!

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