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Obviously I am not coping well

[center]obviouslyI do not have the best coping mechanism. I run away. I shut people out
Apparantly that makes me some horrible person who deserves to be shamed. [/center]
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DragonFruit61-69, M
You are not a horrible person....you鈥檝e been through a lot, and you cope in your own way. It might not be what some see as a good coping mechanism, but you need to do what works for you. 馃
Prettybratbi1tch22-25, F
I am the same but nobody deserves to be shamed for that we deal with things in different ways and we all have bad habits hugs
Adroit31-35, M
Nah you鈥檙e just human
HatterM46-50, M
Addressing your needs doesn't make you a horrible person, I think. Only if it's extremely selfish at the time, otherwise that's probably coming from someone too immature to manage their own needs and trying to make them your responsibility, in my opinion.
ineedadrink51-55, M
"Deserves to be shamed"? Absolutely not. Everyone copes in their own way, some more effectively than other others.
Bigcountry196556-60, M
We all cope in different ways don鈥檛 make you a bad person and you shouldn鈥檛 get shamed just remember true friends will always be there when you get ready to talk
GeorgeTBH31-35, M
you not a horrible person at all no one should shame you
Nothing horrible about you
SW User
You are. Get therapy instead of complaining about your shitty problems to random strangers on the internet
SW User
[@10260,AlyAngel] at least I have one. We aren鈥檛 doctors. You need professional help. Your reaction proves my point. Very very immature. I never seen a photo of you, you must be the one who is a catfish. You post the same old same old everyday. Get therapy.
[@1169475,Babybambi] says the person who is new here... I've been around a lot longer than you and have showed my face more than once. So go find someone else to bash on because I really dont need it.
mrsindyjoe46-50, F
[@1169475,Babybambi] she doesn't share the same ol same everyday!! She's hardly ever here. She is not a catfish. I have seen her pics. She's 100% real. No questions should be asked. She doesn't need anything that you suggest. I've looked at your profile, I think you need some assistance. You're new, so watch your step.
JohnnyO36-40, M
You are not a horrible person
Stockingsgirl26-30, F
I pray you feel better soon.

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