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I Find Serial Killers Fascinating

I feel sorry for Aileen Wuornos. 馃様

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I feel like she was never ever given a single chance to end up as a normal person. She was abused her entire life, and that made a seed of hatred grow inside her. She had mental problems and desperately sought out love from any woman who showed her attention.

I'm not typically a serial killer sympathizer and I do not condone what Aileen did, but I definitely think that if someone had helped her as a child, her life would have gone a completely different direction.
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I think most, if not all, serial killers could have been helped when they were children. Though I've seen a lot of bias documentaries about Aileen and I think a lot try way too hard to make you feel pity for her. Sure, if you believe what she said she sounds like such a victim. But I feel like if you really got down into it, she had full control over her actions so she shouldn't get any more pity than the next serial killer.
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
[@438734,KittenPaws] the difference is that it seems like Aileen killed out of her fear of being abused, while a lot of killers just kill for enjoyment.
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[@831314,DearAmbellina2113] She claimed every killing was in self defense yet some victim's families would say their loved one would never be violent. I just don't believe a lot of her "self defense I did it to escape being abused" claims. Could some of the Johns have been too aggressive with her? Maybe. But I don't buy that she was provoked each and every time she killed someone. I think she did it to get more out of people for herself. I get what you're saying, she's easy to pity if you believe her stories. I just don't.
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
[@438734,KittenPaws] I believe it's verrrry possible that those men tried to get violent with her. People have hidden sides that they don't always show to their family.

As I said, not excusing her actions, just feel sympathy for why she committed them.
luctoretemergo61-69, M
Watch Mindhunter on Netflix
It鈥檚 a drama of course but fascinating.

Most of them seem to have something in their upbringing that effected behavior later.
DearAmbellina211341-45, F
[@910835,luctoretemergo] I love Mindhunter.

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