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I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story

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[b]On Elizabeth[/b]


[c=#7700B2]I’ll say at first that I am not am man of words for those expecting sweet prose or graceful flowing lines. I am more a man of action and my talking is done not on paper but verbally or with a loaded gun! My clients seem to like that-or rather they appreciate the results that kind of talking can bring them. If writing is involved I am more of a person of names, addresses, notes, tips and debit vouchers; although a substantial cash payment is expected upon acceptance of job. Those that pay the entire cost in advance never want to hear the details. They just want justice, or their idea of justice, enacted out.

When I first got started in this racket I could spot instantly what any Dick or Jane would want- it was easy. Jilted lovers, family issues, theft, spying, the assorted mischief that folk of low morals get into. But the longer I was in this gumshoe business the harder it was becoming–it’s like what was up is now down and what was left is now right. Now the business was more complicated than snuffing out a lover that stole heirlooms before leaving a broken heart in their wake! Over time, I have seen them all. The rich, the poor, the destitute and the congressional men- and women.The powerful and the lowly that would NEVER pay- or rob to!

Mine was the life of a loner- I cared for no one and no one cared for me-and I was fine with that. It meant less heartaches and headaches. Most days the ‘Thwap-Thwapa-Thwap-Thwapa” of the overhead fan in my office was all the company I had in my smoke filled office. Smoke that lingered in the air like booze on a winos breath in summer’s heat.

I was happy once but that was 20 years ago. Before my life changed into the sad state of affairs it is now. . I loved a woman, Annabelle–(and it is here that I REALLY wish I was man that could write sweet prose and flowing lines as I would love to say what she meant to me and how she made me so much better just by her being around. I wish–I—I wish words DID come that easy to me so that any who may discover this may know that what I felt for her was pure and unadulterated love and adornment.) I rather miss the young man I was and how we were as I look at what I have become, a skeleton of my old self.

And then there was Elizabeth!!!!

I’ll not speak of the many events that brought her to me- or me to her for they are many. There is a novel there but it won’t be written by me. But I knew immediately this determined women, this strong willed young woman 20 years old I wanted to protect at any cost. There was an allure to her. Whether it was her blue as the sky eyes or her jet black hair I am not sure. But as beautiful as she was she was more than just physical attributes. (Now I must mention here that to those that may assume a sexual attraction to this young women there was not that. Although she so reminded me of the one I once loved! I was old enough to be her father. The attraction, if that can be said, was more of one that wished to protect and guard her from the harshness of the world) She was stunning in the dress she wore. It was a two piece dress (that was popular then!) and the way she wore the white and blue made it almost seem nautical as she wore a scarf that resembled a sailor’s tie. I believe women call it the brocade and she was a smart dresser! In every way she was strikingly beautiful and adorable upon first glance. I wanted to whisk her away to a place where she would live a happy and content life into old age. If any find this upon my belongings before this place is sold to auction–or burned–know that I loved her like I have never loved another woman. We were kin; ok that is the wrong word as that infers relationship and to that I am not hinting. But we……….shared a common soul..Does that make sense? Is senility finally claiming me?

I think it would be a similar love a parent may have for a child. And loving that child so much they would do anything to protect that child from the maladies of the world. Perhaps how I felt for can best be described that way so as not to suggest my grey matter has gone south!

And yet, I sensed it was I that was at HER mercy. That it was she who held the upper hand. As for any feelings she had or did not have for me I cannot speak her heart. In time I would come to know this beautiful women . And I truly do not believe I would be alive today if not for her! And to those events I’ll also not speak of as they are another novel.

She let me love again. Taught me to love and care for another again. She took the broken person that I was and mended them. For a while I felt alive again. A complete man-not a shell of one I used to be..

She came to me many years later in my office where I was , again , my disheveled and wrecked self. This time she added to the smoke in the room with a cigarette of her own.

There was an aire of tragedy to her, Of desperation.There was….I don’t know how to explain it…but there was sense that finality was closing around her and nothing could stop it. I felt that if I took this job then our time shared would be our last waltz as the orchestra had left.

She wanted what the others always wanted.

Someone found. Justice..Justice my way would be fine.

And while she could pay–handsomely–I would never take her money!

I’ve seen them all , honey. But I’ve I never seen one like her.

And now I understand why!!![/c]

I had sent this composition of mine to 2KEurope and they loved it. They featured it in a post. To that I am honoured! The tale of Booker and Elizabeth I always found fascinating and I so wished for different ending for them.
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Mar 15, 2019
Ladyred · 41-45, C
Your right you are not a good writer. You are a great writer! In spite of yourself. (;
[@645479,Ladyred] Thank You. I did love writing this.
Ladyred · 41-45, C
[@7789,Elandra77] I could tell! I chase passion wherever I find it, and you my friend are a passionate writer. (;
BexEyes · 41-45, F
Great writing!
[@258750,BexEyes] Thank You. I wrote this about a year ago as of this post and many loved it. At least those that knew the inferences I made. Even those that did not liked it as a writing. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope you found the beauty-and tragedy in it.

When the creator of the game liked it and featured it as a twitter post with kind words-and tears...I was flattered.
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I Will Take As Many Words As I Want To Write This Story
I was getting tired of all the 6,10,12,15,20 , and 50 words story groups. I'm sure there are others. But those few words are often not enough.
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