I Live In Dublin, Ireland
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Tell me something about the place that you live in

My area is relatively new, 20 years ago it was all green fields, at the centre of this there was a large house now called Ongar House, it was a mansion owned by the Aga Khan and his wife at that time Rita Hayworth. Today the surrounding area of houses, duplexes and apartments are named after her, Hayworth Road, Drive etc.
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gibty · 18-21, F
my current house was a doctors office in the early 1900s. we find old medicine bottles in the yard quite often
[@1212766,gibty] wow, that's kinda cool
TUFKAL · 56-60, M
My town was originally a small fishing town, a popular holiday resort until we all started following the sun, and is now becoming a commuter town for Edinburgh.

It is the birthplace of John Muir, better known in USA, and a lot of new roads have connections to him.
before houses went in it was an apple orchard. the homes are set on at least 1 acre lots so there is room between neighbors. you would have thought the builder would have left at least 1 apple tree per lot but he cleared everything leaving no trace of it's past. forgot, not far from here we have Daniel Boone's homestead. the home he was born in is still standing and open to visitors
[@917533,saragoodtimes] omg, that's a terrible pity
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] would have been nice to have a producing tree in the yard
Notanymore · 36-40, M
We have a neighborhood resident black bear that turns over trash cans and keeps my dogs pissed off of the night time
[@519030,Notanymore] aaaaww, that's cute and annoying
Notanymore · 36-40, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] it's like a 409 pound racoon..... I've gad to chase him off a couple of nights.
minioreosarebomb · 26-30, M
There's a medical museum that started out life as a hotel. During the Civil War it was converted into a confederate hospital, and now it's thought to be one of the most haunted places in the United States. Imagine that. Just a bunch of racist, pro-slavery ghosts.
[@3483,minioreosarebomb] wow, sounds spooky
jackson55 · M
15 years ago it was the Tonto national forest. Now a small airport and about 100 houses on half acre lots.
[@15676,jackson55] aaaaww, you've no national forest now?
jackson55 · M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Oh no, plenty of forest left. Where we are backs up to the national forest. Land around here belongs to the feds or the Indians. So the growth is very limited.
[@15676,jackson55] ah cool
Dolimyte · 36-40, M
Rita Hayworth: get your neighbourhood off my lawn!

I live in the woods, it's nice.
Rooster · M
I live near a small town named Somerset in the upper foothills. Just below the snow line. All these small towns near me have been here since the Gold Rush. Lot's of history around me and nice and peaceful and quiet. River isn't far and Sly Park lake is pretty close also. Love living in the forest!
Rooster · M
[@15676,jackson55] So much beauty and history along that route!
jackson55 · M
[@527571,Rooster] James Marshal, the guy that discovered gold at shutters mill, was one of my relatives.
Rooster · M
[@15676,jackson55] Been to Coloma many times! Sutter was a relative, huh?
Actually, it was James W. Marshall that initially discovered gold.
Orangehotrod · 56-60, M
I live on a 200 acre farm mostly trees and fifty acres of grain fields. I can look out my window and watch a family of geese raising there young in our pond.Deer most evenings! I’m so blessed!
[@4410,Orangehotrod] that sounds beautiful
Vetrov · 56-60, M
I live in the third oldest city in Australia...founded in 1805.

My house was built in 1915...and still has many original features...fittings, fireplaces, metal ceilings and so on.

Some of the furniture is as old as 1825....and the suburb l live in is close to the centre of town and nicknamed The Swamp..because it is actually below sea level.

Last August it snowed!

First time since 1920s.

[@1309,Vetrov] omg, that's crazy, we rarely get snow in Ireland, mad to see snow and hear Aussie accents talking about it❄️🌨️⛄😮
Vetrov · 56-60, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] I want to visit Ireland 🇮🇪
Vetrov · 56-60, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Queens birthday long weekend 😁

She is also Queen of Australia 🤔
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
NYC suburb, lots of trees. One traffic light. Quiet most of the time.
[@329500,uncalled4] sounds like heaven to me
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Thanks. It's not bad. Spent the majority of my years here, on and off.
FreeSpirit1 · 46-50, F
A small leafy Town in Massachusetts, very quiet, 12 police officers, a volunteer fire dept and 2 schools. If you blink driving through it you'll miss it 🤭
[@157515,FreeSpirit1] it sounds quaint
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Tourist trap, Gambling, the hood, ocean
Doctorweird · 26-30, M
One word, Bogans
Northwest · M
Used to be one big forest poke-dotted with lakes and mountains. It's still pretty much a big forest poke-dotted with lakes and mountains, but being home to companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Costco, Boeing, Starbucks, it grew into a primary tech Mecca.

Still a wonderful place to live.
[@9416,Northwest] it sounds lovely
fun4us2b · 61-69, M
It was an Apple Orchard before they built in the 1930s
[@64578,fun4us2b] oh, you're the second person saying this, that's awesome
fun4us2b · 61-69, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] There's termites here left behind from the Apple Orchard days...not sure how my other reply got separated from this one...
[@64578,fun4us2b] aaahhh now I understand, thank you
This message was deleted by its author.
PhpPhoenix · 31-35, M
We have a lot of buildings with rounded corners here.

A big fire broke out last century and many firehoses ripped while they dragged them around the corners of buildings. Mainly because of this, they couldn't get the fire under control and most of the city center burned down. The rounded corners where introduced in the rebuilt to prevent that issue in the future.
[@1125975,PhpPhoenix] wow, that's a great idea
Becksta · 36-40
My area was once a large mining area... they dug a lot of "bell pits" to extract the coal underground many years ago - and now those pits keep re-opening, resulting in road closures.

There was one that re-opened in the road just above my home a few years ago while I was away and I was worried that my home might be affected by it - even though it was a small sink hole just a few hundred meters away from my house.
[@421598,Becksta] wow, that's awesome and a bit nerve wrecking
Becksta · 36-40
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] On the other side of town, people have lost their living rooms into the basement because of it. I don't think anyone even knows the locations of these former pits - and they're opening up more and more frequently now.

I find it fascinating that we can have a gas leak that causes buildings to explode - but doesn't affect a pit a few yards down the road... yet, years later, vehicles going down the road can be enough to open the pit up.

We are talking about one of the major roads for this side of town here, so it gets everything from trucks, through tractors right to cyclists going down it day and night.
Sophiesmiles · 18-21, F
Small village with lots of pretty beaches and some castle ruins - just gets annoying when swarms of people come in the summer!!
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] it sounds very pretty
Sophiesmiles · 18-21, F
Some of the nicest beaches in the country - it is very pretty
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] it's beautiful 💖
Viper · 31-35, M
I live there ;)

That is something :D
Becksta · 36-40
[@800884,Viper] Wow... very informative... 🤣
Viper · 31-35, M
[@421598,Becksta] So glad you agree :D
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
I live in a valley, it’s really pretty here.
[@10165,Iamonfire666] Valley girl?
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] no I wouldn’t classify myself as that. I just live in one 😂
Slickmel · 51-55, MVIP
My town always been a coal mining town plus limber mills Eastern ky
[@1072998,Slickmel] that's cool
Zaphod42 · 46-50, M
The county I live in has a greater population than the state I moved here from 😂
[@527654,Zaphod42] wow😮
Dusty101 · 46-50, F
I live in a harbour town, there's a farm out behind our garden and a main road out front with buses into the city. There's a small green area over the main Rd with a nice river. There's also many walking corpses that stroll along! 🚶🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️☠️🧟🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
[@572340,Dusty101] you live in a lovely part of Dublin❤️
Dusty101 · 46-50, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] I love your area too!
It's very nice..
I do like where I am, just the parking for the coastal area us a no no!
[@572340,Dusty101] oh really, that must be annoying
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
Its quiet there. All my neighbors are great except for one. He hates my guts because of my cat. I'm a 40 minute drive to the mountains.also easy access to get on the main roads.
[@438210,Eddiesolds] does your cat hassle him or something?
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] I dont think so.He roams around down the street and alleys. She hates cats. I wish my cat knew that she hates him.The people on the corner, let my cat in their house. Gosh what a difference! He goes to visit their dog.lol
DawsonsGrove · 51-55, F
First settlers were in the early 1800s. We have 6,000 acres of parkland. The current population is 764,155 and residents represent more than 170 different cultures and speak more than 70 languages. 73% of the population is a visible minority
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
I live in a Victorian terraced cottage built in around 1895 and within easy walking distance of the centre of the UK’s second oldest University City 🙂
[@324037,Dlrannie] I've never been there, but have been to Oxford, I bet it's pretty
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Yes it’s a lovely place to live with lots of green space and many fine historic buildings together with a cosmopolitan population. Do visit if you can find the time 🙂😘
Haroldhugh · 51-55, M
I live here.
[@1202442,Haroldhugh] oki doki
Haroldhugh · 51-55, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] So do my cats and the chips are really nice.
workathome · 51-55, M
A big old mountain looks over us and protects us
fun4us2b · 61-69, M
Wow, so a side effect is , there’s lots of termites [@435994,MightyAphrodite]
[@64578,fun4us2b] what are you talking about
angie8819 · 51-55, F
Just outside the main town is where saving private ryan was filmed
MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
Very little to say. It doesn't even qualify as a village. It's one petrol station and some houses 😂
checkoutanytime · 41-45, M
My area is established in the later 1700's but remains mostly natural, not many homes in my town are in view of thy neighbors parcel.
kodiac · 18-21, M
[@665475,kodiac] it's gorgeous, thanks for sharing
kodiac · 18-21, M
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] Yw

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