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I Am Blessed Beyond Measure

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I know that I am blessed beyond measure; there really is no denying it. Though I do feel the need to explain what I mean with “blessed.” I don’t mean it in the religious sense – like there is some omnipotent being out there that has bestowed his blessing upon me. I mean it more as luck. Though if I had to think about it, I’d say that I have just as much bad luck in my life as good – so it can’t be defined as that either. So for the purposes of this story; I chose the word “blessed.”

I have always thought of man as being inherently evil… That he would do anything as long as it is to his own benefit. Yet, what I have seen over the years, conflict with that statement. I have seen and experienced too many acts of random human kindness to still hold to that opinion. I have had complete strangers buy me a vehicle, just because they noticed that mine was giving me trouble. This was also not the first nor last time that strangers have shown me this kind of generosity. In that sense, I am blessed.

For my second point, I have to review the decisions that I have made in my life and the risks involved in every one of them. I have elected to be a bit of a gambler in the choices I have made. These held just as much potential for failure and loss… yet I never fell. They all worked out to my benefit when they just as easily could have backfired on me. In that sense, I am blessed.

Finally, there is you. If ever anyone wanted proof of how blessed I am, they need only look at you. For a very long time, I was silently in love with you. I kept this to myself out of the paralyzing fear that I just might lose you. How could I possibly have known that you love me too? A man as amazing as you could do so much better, yet you chose me. Now, every morning that I wake up next to you and every night when I fall asleep in your arms, I am reminded anew of how immeasurably blessed I am to have you in my life. What happened between us is so rare and precious that I didn’t believe it could possibly exist – yet here you are. In that sense, I am blessed.

I know that life consists out of a series of ups and downs, and I have had my fair share of both. But I am under no illusions as to where I am now, I see it every time that I look at you. I see the love that you have for me and I know – I know that being by your side makes me the luckiest and most blessed person alive.
So this me, an accounting of my blessings, and a vow to protect them.
26-30, F
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I Am Blessed Beyond Measure
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