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Embarrassing & Funny

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Girls: Have you ever depantsed a boy or seen another girl do it
Who was it and what did he do?
18-21, F
71 replies
May 16, 2017
kevinwillshow13-15, M Best Answer
yes and you know it cause your best friend brianna does it to me!!! 馃槪馃枙
PrincessCami18-21, F
@kevinwillshow: I KNOW!
@kevinwillshow: lol
SW User
IT led to an orgy and then we all died.

True story.
AliceinWonderland36-40, F
yes in high school a girl did it to a boy in pe. they were friends and both laughing. they were both wearing boxer shorts
PrincessCami18-21, F
@AliceinWonderland: for him maybe, but I KNOW you woulda sneaked a peek
AliceinWonderland36-40, F
@PrincessCami: ewww!!!!!!
IrishRock22-25, M
[@226612,AliceinWonderland] how do you know she was wearing boxers? Did he pants her back or something?
RileyDaPancake22-25, M
I got pantsed by a girl in middle school. I tried to pants her back, but she escaped :(
PrincessCami18-21, F
@RileyPancake: 馃槣 cant blame them for that. I woulda gotta a real good look 馃憖 too!馃樅
RileyDaPancake22-25, M
@PrincessCami: well it was embarrassing, but i didn't mind too much that they got to see it lol
[@414742,PrincessCami] me too, and tried to tickle it good
SW User
I got de-pantsed last year by a girl and her friend! They always kinda playfully made fun of me, but I didn't know they would go that far. I think I turned bright red in the face lol
PrincessCami18-21, F
@ThibaultYDL: hehe how old were they?
SW User
@PrincessCami: They were 16, I was 14. I met them through my sister. Luckily I think they're the only ones who saw, it wasn't like they did it in front of a crowd or anything lol
My friend and I did it to a girl in PE as a laff. Unfortunately got spotted by teacher and put n detention which led to consequences at home
kevinwillshow13-15, M
@americanmeg: like what?
Dadbod5256-60, M
I've done to and had it done to me
FoxgirlF taken my brother's shirt off when he was younger.
Tequila18-21, F
i know that i must happen more often lol
SW User
It was a friend and it was a result of me winning a wrestling match with them... he wasn't happy about losing either!
Mugin1641-45, M
[@399117,Gunshowgirl] That must have been very humiliating for him.
SW User
Mugin1641-45, M
[@399117,Gunshowgirl] Was it part of the match? Loser gets depantsed?
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Embarrassing & Funny
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