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Omg that 8th grade boy is taller than me now

I am 16 yr old boy and 5'7(171.5 cm) and the 8th grade boy is 5'11 in just a month. Last month he was slightly shorter than me but today he was taller than me and it was quite noticable and i felt short next to him. He hit his puberty fat because he has a lot of pimples on his face and also a almost full grown beard. I still dont have beard but have moustache now. He looks like a 12th grader more than a 8th grader and he looks older than me. His voice is also more manly than me. He talks with me with sarcasm always in such a way that he thinks i am a small kid. Suppose if i ask who has more beard me or him, he says 'u have more' but in reality he has much more than me. This shows that he thinks i am a kid
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ManicMicah · 22-25, M
Literally nobody cares about these things other than you.
ManicMicah · 22-25, M
@Heybrosiambrad: So what??? You always post about people younger than you and their height...literally nobody pays attention to those things but you.
Pigeon12345 · 18-21, M
@Marluxia: shut up idiot. I am taller than u. U r a dwarf
ManicMicah · 22-25, M
@Heybrosiambrad: See? NOBODY on the planet talks the way you do XD height is not a big deal AT ALL

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