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LivAbit · 46-50, M
Sorta zoned in and out of it, were they rough on him.? Lol
@LivAbit: we will never know
@LivAbit: Obama had to deal with the most disrespect from his actual government. I'm glad SNL was relatively cool with him.
LivAbit · 46-50, M
@bijouxbroussard: We probably all think our side gets the worst of it, but comedy wise Trumps a natural target, always has been. Obama not so much, although I did like the Key and Peele stuff. Even though I often disagree with him,,I'd say John Stewart is the sharpest political satirist of them all, and I'll miss him. He seems honest to me, not so mean spirited. Hopefully we all find a way to laugh together soon.
He has no sense of humour. He is an arrogant jerk with very thin skin.
Poor guy has no idea what he's in for as prez ...if he is offended by sketch comedy then he will have a major issue with facing major issues with diplomacy
SouthernBoxer · 26-30, M
Trump has more important things to take care of instead of worrying about mindless liberals trying to insult him and his fan base.
Well, this just got awkward 😐 * and perhaps funny *
SouthernBoxer · 26-30, M
Only gets awkward when lying to oneself.
Perhaps ...
SW User
He never enjoys SNL
He seems to be able to say awful things about others but can't seem to take it ...
SW User
That is so true!
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
I haven't seen it yet, but Baldwin does a spot on impersonation :)
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
Wow he sure as a lot of supporters just as overly sensitive and vile as him here it seems
He's hilarious
HeyLookItsGemma · 26-30, F
I imagine he's probably a bit busy to be watching comedy skits right now choosing his cabinet and preparing for office.
@pezzza: look it up
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
@Chernobylplayground: I just did ..... awww , poor baby.
@pezzza: someone needs a nap and a pacifier
FreeSpirit1 · 46-50, F
Did they do any non political skits? It's getting tiresome
I liked it was entertaining
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Want to hear a real joke? You actually watched SNL Bwahahahahahahahahhaha. What a loser. Bwahahahahahahahaa!
@hippyjoe1955: I think I can recall that as well
Northwest · M
@hippyjoe1955: you watch SNL in Canada? What a loser? I feel sorry for you
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
I have never watched it. I have seen a few snips on youtube and find it utterly unfunny. If it is on network TV I don't watch it.
carpediem · 61-69, M
No one watches SNL any more. Who gives a crap anyway. Liberals being liberals. Nasty and offensive. Nothing new here.
Nasty and offensive ? Have you heard Trump talking ? Of course, you have not.
Haha yeah liberals are so awful boohoo, keep whining about that least until you can ..that is if Trump doesn't try to take our feeedom of speech away ...
[c=#BF0080]Probably.. he seems like he has a sense of humor.[/c]
Hmmm his tweet about it begs to differ
[c=#BF0080]LOL. No doubt.[/c]

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