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What's the best way to get a pigeon out of a hardware store?
12 replies
Nov 17, 2016
lucian · 22-25, M
go home you're drunk
MrSmooTh · 26-30, M
open the door and let it out
LvChris · 36-40, M
Thank them for their business and put their receipt in the bag.
SerenitiesScars · 31-35, M
o-o Blow up the hardware store.. o-o The pigeon will probably still be alive but at least it will be out of there.. o-o
SW User
First you must become the pigeon, think like a pigeon and act upon basically nothing
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
One of the oddest questions I've seen on here 🤔 I'd just leave it be, let it do its thing. It's not hurting anybody.
lucian · 22-25, M
until it unloads on your head
ManicMicah · 18-21, M
@lucian: True enough.
SW User
I'll take some power tools and take the store apart.
Neuroticnelly · 36-40, F
Prop a door open and put food and water in the doorway.
I have no idea, but the randomness and specificness of this question made me smile. :D
sarabee1995 · 22-25, F
Become one with the pigeon ... enter its mind ... meld your consciousness with its consciousness ... feel the pigeons energy ... be the pigeon ...

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