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Yuh, hi, my name's DAN WILSON. Uh's number used to be for a- for a VIDEO THING? I got a- I GOT A VIDEO FROM YOU GUYS, it's called 'DOOOOOG SITTER'

Wuh't gave me a great idea see, I RUN IOWA'S LARGEST wildlife preserve, AND I WANNA PRODUCE A VIDEO FOR GIRAFFESSSSSS!!! JUST IMAGINE how many zoos are in this country. I- I got an idea, ya see, it's loyk👃 this, we're gonna- we're gonna build all these PLATFORMS in Downtown Manhattan... and then we're gonna WALK GUYS AROUND WITH CAMERAS and it's gonna be like a... LIKE THE GIRAFFES NIGHT OUT IN MANHATTAN!!! All these PLATFORMS are gonna be FIFTEEN FEET IN THE AIR. We're gonna put it on a DEE-VEE-DEE!!! Inaniyoholano- I know those kids like the TORRRRNTSSSS? So I wanna BOMBARD every DVD with SOLAR RADIATION. I think that'll create some kinda MAGNETRON!!! And that'll- n'everyone tries to copy the video is like a- *gasp* a BEAM's gonna FLY RIGHT INTO THEIR EYES like Raiders of the Lost Ark... Mmmmmw'and... [🏠✊] Wait, HOLD ON, they've come back. Wai'let me wuhmeme go-

[c=#666666][📱👣 ➡️ what's goin' on?! Get away from my door! 📱⬅️👣][/c] Gah, HOLD ON I gotta go SHOOT some guys. I'll TALK to ya later. My name's DON WILSON!!! [big]I run IOWA'S LARGEST WILDLIFE p'SURHUF!!!!!!!!![/big]

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