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Embarrassing & Funny

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Embarrassing situtation led to sticky situation
When I had been divorced from my ex, I was messaged by her best friend (Cindy) about an issue with our kids one night while we were both on line.

Cindy is 12 years younger than I am, 5'7", 34DD, beautiful brunette. But she was never a woman that had done anything to give anyone the idea she wasn't a committed wife and mother. Our chat eventually led to about our divorce and what happened. What I didn't realize was that she had a falling out with my ex prior to the divorce and it was actually about me. Cindy had complemented me taking care of myself (unlike her husband) and then my ex started bashing me to her friend about things that wasn't even true.

As we talked, Cindy actually admitted that she had always found me attractive and admitted she and her sister (Kelly) had a conversation about her sister (who was divorced) going out with me and having sex with me. I didn't know her sister well but she was equally beautiful and 4 years younger than Cindy.

So, one night I'm on line again and Kelly messages me, and we started chatting. What I didn't know was Cindy was with her. After a while, I mentioned knowing about their conversation about dating and having sex with me. So, she asked me to take a shirtless photo, which I did. Then asked what kind of underwear I wore (boxer briefs) so she asked me to show her, so I took a photo and sent it. I asked her to send me a photo to make us even, so I received a side-view of her bubble butt in black, lacy, boy short panties. I commented how sexy it was, and admitted I was excited. She asked for a photo, so I told her I'd have to get at least another photo of her. I recieved a photo of her amazing breasts! But then I noticed the necklace she was wearing and KNEW I had seen Cindy wearing one like it. It was pretty unique. I thought maybe Kelly had one too or had borrowed it from Cindy. I took note of a large freckle around the base of her neck, and wondered if Cindy had one id never noticed. I got even more excited thinking it could be Cindy pretending to be Kelly, still not realizing they were together. I sent the nude photo of myself back. She kept flirting and complementing me.

We continued to chat, but I learned that Kelly had started dating a guy, so us hooking up was put on the back burner.

About a month later, I saw Cindy at a ballgame and there it was... the freckle! I was actually chatting with Cindy! It was HER tits! I got excited immediately while noticing she was actually flirty with me for the first time - at least in person. People were around, so I couldn't say anything for a while but eventually we were alone for a couple of minutes and I said,, "So um...( I looked down at her neck), I've seen that necklace and that freckle recently." She turned red, and I said, "I won't say anything to anyone. You have amazing tits" she smiled and said "I've seen a few things myself!" People started walking up so we didn't finish talking.

We kept talking but I moved a few weeks later to a nearby town. I only saw her at ballgames and we always made eye contact and smiled. When school ended, I didn't see her over the summer.

We kept chatting over the months and she actually caught her husband cheating and divorced him. What a dumbass. Oh, and I ended up dating and marrying Cindy. She never told me her sister was on line that night with her, but her sister let it slip out. My wife doesn't know I know and I promised Kelly I woukd not tell her.
TheDevilYouNeed · 51-55, M
Learn how to write paragraphs.
TheDevilYouNeed · 51-55, M
[@1153012,SGRAY] Still notice no one else commending on your post. Maybe because it's unreadable. Go ahead, keep talking you jack ass.
SGRAY · 51-55, M
[@835612,TheDevilYouNeed] Somebody that writes post that has very little interaction or reads, you'd probably know.
TheDevilYouNeed · 51-55, M
[@1153012,SGRAY] Baht the fuck are you babbling about now? All I suggested is you use paragraphs so your post would be easier to read. Are your pink panties still in a bind over this?

Here is suggestion, get the fuck over yourself.

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