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Fact or Fact: there's no point in calling out red flags in a relationship when the person is whipped.
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May 23, 2020
PeemPeem · 26-30, F
Fact, but it's worth a shot.
[@849619,PeemPeem] in my experience it just makes the other person try harder. Still, maybe you're right.
Anonsmiles · 18-21, F
Most of the time, yeah. When I was in an abusive relationship I didn’t realize that a lot of the red flags were red flags until someone pointed them out to me.
Anonsmiles · 18-21, F
[@333226,GohantheThird] I agree. They should.
[@386144,Anonsmiles] I want to go back in time sometimes and punch the adults who did that to every girl i've ever liked. Like HARD. VERY HARD and tell them to shut the hell up.

You know who being Mean to girls you like is for? Cowards. Fucking emotional sniveling cowards who are too Chickenshit to fess to their crushes face that they like her.

These people lack a certain kind of courage that means they should be avoided even if they aren't abusive.


it's completlely overrated not saying how you feel anyways.
[@386144,Anonsmiles] Seriously it infuriates me.... because honestly romantic attraction is one of the most universal feelings in the world and totally normal and unfortunately the mentality basically suggest that it's something to be ashamed of and aside from simply BRAINWASHING women to accept abuse there are OTHER knockoff effects to it, such as the implicit message that having a crush is something embarrassing or to be ashamed of. and for me it's sort of effected things like nearly having to provide explaination or justification for feeling the way I did about them which is something that I can sort of see as an opportunity to flirt with them but something that really should have to have excuses made for.


I'm TIRED of being made to feel like I should Apologize for having feelings for someone. Cause if there's one thing I'm Not remotely sorry for it's that.
Jasondf · M
Tminus6453 · 51-55, M
Let them figure it out

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