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What is 'so big that you can't get it all in your eyes'?
51-55, F
28 replies
Nov 9, 2019
gummybears · F
I have big eyes... 🤷🏻‍♀️
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Lots to see then. [@505120,gummybears]
gummybears · F
[@14495,pennynoodles] yup
🤔 penis joke or no penis joke. 🤔🤔🤔
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
No penis is that big that you cant get it all in your eyes.[@729955,Whateverthisis]
[@14495,pennynoodles] lol. 😂 I disagree.
Nimbus · M
Kim Kardasshian's ass.
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
From what I've seen it is 'ample'[@1313,Nimbus]
Success · 22-25, F
The sky!
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Very true![@1001706,OhKelsey]
MethDozer · 36-40, M
Most people's absurdly large TV.
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
I can just about squeeze mine in. [@521796,MethDozer]
MethDozer · 36-40, M
[@14495,pennynoodles] 52 inches, 5 feet away. WHY? Can't even watch the whole screen ffs
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Just asked Mr N how big ours was....... 49 inches apparently....... guess my eyes are a long way apart ha ha ha [@521796,MethDozer]
EugenieLaBorgia · 26-30, F
A panoramic view!
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Cameras never do them justice do they?[@669203,EugenieLaBorgia]
bourbon · 100+, M
the night sky in SD
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
Very true. [@887863,bourbon]
JoyfulSilence · 41-45, M
A steambow in Yellowstone. It was too large for my camera:

pennynoodles · 51-55, F
So it was. [@68716,JoyfulSilence]
Yosemite Valley.
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
You are right, it is huge. [@328496,bijouxbroussard]
Diggler · 46-50, M
If you look at it from space, you can fit it all in , but if you're at ground level, you can't squeeze the mother in-laws ass into your field of vision, anymore than she can squeeze it into those yoga pants. 🤢🤮
pennynoodles · 51-55, F
That is a little bit true Mr D[@107336,Diggler]
Diggler · 46-50, M
[@14495,pennynoodles] right?

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